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37+ Best Affiliate Management Software Solutions for an Affiliate Program

By Dustin Howes
January 20, 2021
Best affiliate management software to use in 2022

Affiliate management software is one of the most difficult choices companies have to make when they decide to create an affiliate program. Every affiliate network and platform is different; so how do you make the right choice?

That's where I come in. With 12+ years of experience and a burning passion for affiliate program growth, I've put together my thoughts on the best affiliate management software on the market in 2022.

This list is broken down by 4 categories:

  • Best tracking solution
  • Best recruitment tools
  • Best organizational tools
  • Best time-saving tools

Luckily there are a variety of affiliate management software and tools that companies can use to boost efficiency. In this article, we're going to dig into look at the different affiliate management software can use to save more time. I'll give you my most used tools as the top choice, then other options that will do the job.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is a professional review blog that gets compensated for some of the products reviewed by the companies who produce them. All of the affiliate management software have been tested thoroughly and suggestions are received only by the best ones. I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions.

What is Affiliate Management Software?

Affiliate management software is a tool used by businesses to track their affiliates. This type of software allows businesses to see which affiliates are generating the most sales and leads, as well as which affiliates are not performing well.

By tracking this information, businesses can make changes to their affiliate program in order to improve results. Additionally, affiliate management software can also help businesses to set up commission structures and payouts. By using this type of software, businesses can save time and money while still being able to run a successful affiliate program.

Best Affiliate Management Software for Tracking.

Any affiliate marketing program worth its salt will have some kind of tracking software in place to keep tabs on affiliate activity and sales. This is essential for both the affiliate and the merchant, as it allows them to see what is working and what isn't. There are 50+ software solutions available on the market, so choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

How do you choose the best one? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Ease of use: The affiliate tracking software should be an easy integration process so that you can get started quickly and without any headaches.
  • Detailed data: The software should provide detailed data on affiliate sales and activity so that you can track exactly what is working and what isn't.
  • Good user interface (UI): If you are going to be using this software daily, it needs to be easy to navigate.
  • Affordability: Margins are key in affiliate marketing. Each network charges a different way: either flat monthly fees or per transaction.

With this in mind, these are my top choices for 2022.

Best all-around solution for scale and growth: Impact.

The best affiliate management software in 2022

impact is the leading affiliate marketing software, helping businesses manage and grow their affiliate programs. They provide an easy-to-use platform with powerful features that automate tasks and improve performance.

One of the biggest differentiators for impact is their suite of services to help businesses maximize their affiliate marketing efforts, with additional tools outside of the scope of just affiliate marketing. They have solutions for both SMB and enterprise. They work well with both SaaS and retail products.

One of my favorite features is they do not do affiliate program management. There is a huge conflict of interest in the affiliate industry for networks that provide tracking AND manage programs. Networks that do this have the motivation to grow programs so they make the most money, which will breed fraud and coupon sites to take over the program. impaact has done a great job in seperating these worlds.

The final word: impact is the best solution on the market today to build an affiliate program around.

Cost: Medium-High.

Check Out Impact


Best for SMB: Shareasale.

The best affiliate management software for SMBs

Launched in 2000, ShareASale has been an industry-leading affiliate marketing platform that provides a simple way for affiliate programs to launch quickly and scale. With over 16,550 merchant programs available and more than 200k publishers, ShareASale has a great history of being a go-to solution in affiliate marketing.

Shareasale has been a veteran favorite platform for many years due to the simplicity of its UI, ease of setup, and great flexibility with tracking attribution. Affiliate managers can create the perfect program with the capabilities that Shareasale offers.

Personally, I send many of my SMB clients to Shareasale to get them launched quickly and recruit partners through their large database of affiliates.

Cost: Medium.

Check Out Shareasale


Best for SaaS: Partnerstack.

Best affiliate management software for SaaS

Partnerstack is the affiliate network of the future. They focus on SaaS companies that need an affiliate program to launch in a timely manner and scale for the future. They are making affiliate marketing more transparent, efficient, and effective for everyone involved.

The technology of this platform is top-notch, which isn't surprising since their client focus is on SaaS products. The platform gives publishers the ability to find and promote the affiliate programs that are most relevant to their audience. The internal marketplace is the best of any affiliate network or platform, making it easy for publishers to find programs that fit their niche.

Partnerstack is a relatively fresh company in the affiliate space, but I am convinced they are changing affiliate marketing industry for the better. With every platform, there will be growing pains, but one of my favorite features is their willingness to listen to suggestions. I have found bugs, UI, and strategic issues with their platform in the past, and when I put in a support ticket, they listen! And then they make a rational decision and take action. That is the kind of technology partner I like to work with!

Cost: High.

Check Out Partnerstack


Best for Ecommerce Businesses: Refersion.

Best affiliate management software for ecommerce businesses

If you're looking for the fastest integration with the control of a private program, Refersion is the perfect platform for you. With Refersion, you can design different types of advertisements and track the commissions from each conversion easily. In addition, there are many customization options available so that you can optimize your efficiency.

Refersion is consistently improving its features. They started out as a small-time software, but have developed into a power player in the affiliate management software space. They recently started to include tax info collection for merchants, which is the biggest time-eater for affiliate managers; this feature makes puts them on par with major networks that offer this feature.

This is a great solution for ecommerce brands on Shopify and BigCommerce; the integration process is simple and effective.

Refersion is the best affiliate management software solution for ecommerce brands

One of my favorite features of this platform is the vanity code tracking capability. Each affiliate partner can be assigned a unique coupon that gives credit to the partner when that coupon is used.  They also offer a suite of marketing automation tools to help brands maximize their affiliate sales, including email automation, creative assets folder, and affiliate link tracking.

Lastly, I love the value of the price of this platform. With their pricing model, SMBs will save costs compared to the volume-based rates of large networks listed above.

Cost: Low-Medium.

Check Out Refersion


Best for a Tight Budget: FirstPromoter.

best affiliate management software on a tight budget

FirstPromoter is the best cost-effective affiliate marketing platform on the market right now. The platform offers a variety of tools to help businesses find and track affiliate partners, manage commissions, and create marketing campaigns. It will give you the bare minimum tools needed to run an effective affiliate program.

Cost: Low.

Check Out FirstPromoter

Best for a B2B SaaS: Reditus.

Reditus is the future of affiliate management for B2B SaaS companies. With its roots in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and compliant with GDPR, the tool was masterminded in 2020 by a former Head of Customer Success, and this background is evident in its approach to business. A distinctive USP of Reditus is its user-friendly UI, complemented by responsive live chat support and an unparalleled feedback system. The platform offers a comprehensive marketplace, aiding companies to branch out beyond their immediate networks by recruiting valuable affiliates.

The technical framework of Reditus is perfectly equipped for the complexities of SaaS. Their emphasis on offering an easy, hands-on setup means that companies can sidestep the exhaustive resources and time typically invested in launching an affiliate program. The tool not only streamlines commission tracking and payouts, but its strategic targeting of B2B SaaS markets effectively roots out the challenge of low-quality affiliates, paving the way for superior sign-ups.

Moreover, Reditus exhibits a clear understanding of the fiscal strains faced by businesses, offering a free starter plan while ensuring that premium subscribers reap a swift ROI – a testament to their pragmatic pricing model. Reditus shaped a platform where businesses can not only manage partners and track statistics seamlessly but also integrate with a diverse range of affiliate partners. Reditus isn't merely a tool; it's a revolution in affiliate management software, optimizing affiliate management while catalyzing business growth.

Cost: Low.

Check Out Reditus

For a more complete list of networks I trust, check out this post on best affiliate networks.

what are the best affiliate networks and platforms in 2021

Best Affiliate Management Software for Recruiting Affiliates.

Every company wants new affiliates in their program, but few people in this world know how to speak their language. Finding the right partners for your brand can be a big challenge, so utilizing tools is a must!

I've seen tools come and go. This is my list of what is working in 2022.

 1. Grovia.

This is the most complete affiliate recruitment tool on the market today. It combines four vital tools for affiliate recruitment:

  • Partner relationship manager (AKA CRM)
  • Contact research
  • Email scraping
  • Drip email sequences

This tool is extremely powerful and very user-friendly. I have personally spent time helping Grovia develop this tool from the beta version. It has developed into the ultimate tool for affiliate managers to find content affiliates.

Grovia started off as a partner recruitment agency focused on bringing in new partners to client programs. After years of connecting affiliates with merchants, they have collected a database of thousands of affiliates in dozens of different verticals. This tool gives affiliate managers access to that database and keyword-relevant partners in your niche.

Grovia is the most complete affiliate recruitment tool on the market

The full Grovia agency team experience is useful for companies looking for the fastest growth possible for their affiliate program. If that is your company, set up an exploration call with my buddy Rob at Grovia to see what they can do for you.

See a full demo of how to find affiliate marketers in this live demo of Grovia:


  • Grovia offers a freemium version of the service for you to test out and find new partners.
  • $297 per month for this CRM
  • Use code FREEMONTH for an extended version.

 Try Grovia Partner Discovery for Free



If Grovia is not to your liking, here is my favorite 1-2 combo: SEMRush, and SEMRush makes it easy to find the most relevant keywords and websites for your niche market. This is truly a powerful tool that has more capabilities than I have ever been able to use (just see the list above).

As an affiliate manager, the first thing I love about SEMRush is their quick audit Chrome extension button that gives you an instant overview of any website's analytics. They give an authority score to each website so you can quickly figure out if a website has value and potential. Check out the sad score of when I was just starting out. You can also use this free website checker to get an SEO performance report.

For recruiting, I like to find high-volume keywords related to the product and generate a list of websites that would make great partners. I can create thousands of high-potential leads in just a few minutes and then start collecting contact data.

SEMRush is not traditional affiliate management software since it is designed for content and SEM and marking teams. In fact, your marketing team might be using it right now, so go and ask if you can borrow their login. If your company does not have it yet, see if you can split the cost with the rest of the marketing team.

Cost: Free Trial for 7 days > $99 per month

3. for affiliate recruitment

Once you have gathered a list of websites to attack, you'll need contact info for the site. Enter Hunter. This very affordable email scraping tool will take a list of domains and scrub them against their database, then spit you out a list of live email contacts.

Chances are as an affiliate manager, you've come across a dream affiliate at some point but had one problem… You were unable to locate their email address in order to contact them. In these instances, it helps to have a tool like Hunter in your arsenal.

Hunter allows you to find email addresses in mere seconds. You can use Hunter's Chrome extension to quickly scrape a website for email addresses. Hunter offers a free plan with 25 email searches and 50 verification credits per month, and paid subscriptions for those with a higher need.

On a personal note, I am loving their full email campaign features. I use this feature to build email sequences for my guest blogging initiative. This allows me to scale the outreach after I build an email list.


4. for recruiting affiliates

So you stumbled upon a rockstar blogger who happens to be one of your affiliates… But now the question is, how do you find more of these bloggers?

SimilarSites is the perfect tool for this as you can instantly discover dozens of other sites promoting the same or similar niche. One of my favorite aspects of this tool is that it operates via a Chrome extension… Meaning no more unnecessary tabs or windows are needed.

 Cost: Freemium.

5. VStat. for affiliate recruitment

It's one thing to have a nicely designed website or a large social media following… But as a performance marketer, you know those factors alone just won't cut it. Instead, you are probably focused on metrics such as website traffic.

For measuring how much traffic a website gains each month, I recommend VStat. VStat is a Chrome extension that quickly gives you an overview of a website's traffic. This tool will provide a breakdown of the site's monthly traffic over a six-month time span… Allowing you to determine whether or not it will meet your program's requirements.

The best part about VStat is that it is free and easy to use, and is one of the most accurate traffic estimators available.

Cost: Free (as far as I can tell).


LinkedIn Sales Navigator for affiliate recruitment

Sometimes the best tools are the ones we already know and use. In fact, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for recruiting new affiliates to join their affiliate programs. Even a basic or free LinkedIn account can help affiliate managers connect with thousands of relevant people in their industry. With a paid LinkedIn Premium subscription, you get more features such as highly targeted searches and the ability to build custom lead lists in Sales Navigator.

Linkedin lead generation has huge potential in the affiliate world. Whether utilizing a free or paid account, LinkedIn is the tool you need if you're seeking an easy way to engage in a dialogue with key leads and affiliates.

Cost: Free. Premium free for 1 month.

7. domain authority tool

Website traffic often isn't the only determining metric you use when recruiting new affiliates… Another deciding factor is the website's domain authority, which in turn impacts a website's search engine rankings. That's where Moz comes in as the go-to when it comes to checking a website's domain authority (DA).

Moz is often the first to come to mind when it comes to domain authority. The MozBar gives you a DA score (0-90) that quickly evaluates the authority or relevance of a publisher’s site. Moz has many other useful tools that can assist you in your search and evaluation of websites… But this one is particularly helpful for identifying talent in potential affiliates, making it one of the most valuable affiliate management software.

Cost: Free features. Pro starts at $79 per month.

8. Redirect Path.

Redirect Path affiliate recruitment software

Redirect Path is a tool that enables you to easily track the URL path of affiliates. Essentially, this helps to figure out which platform a product is on and the affiliate associated with the said promotion. For example, if you find an affiliate promoting a competitor's product, you can find the platform they are on and their ID. You can also use this to check for malicious redirects.

Cost: Free.

Check Out RedirectPath



A cheaper alternative to Hunter. The email scraping capabilities are solid, but I haven't been as impressed with the quality.

When you are doing cold email outreach, you need every advantage you can get. is an incredible time-saver for hunting down the right contact, which will help your response rate.

Cost: Starting at $33 per month.

10. Social Blade

Social Blade for affiliate management software

Searching for influencers in your niche? Social Blade is an affiliate management tool that helps you discover influencers that would be a match for promoting your brand. The platform also has useful stats for the major social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. The team at Social Blade can also work with you to filter the results and obtain highly targeted results.

Cost: Freemium. Pricing starts at just $4 per month.

Check Out SocialBlade


11. Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy is an excellent affilaite management software tool

TubeBuddy is used by thousands of Youtubers to help optimize their video efforts. But it isn't just for creators; it give valuable metrics into all Youtube channels that affiliate managers can use to make informed decisions.

With TubeBuddy, you can see detailed information about your channel performance, get advice on which videos are performing well, and find new keywords to target. You can also use TubeBuddy to manage your channel better, by scheduling your videos, creating custom thumbnails, and more.

Since I do not like to spend money freely with sponsorships, I use this tool to verify legitimate profiles and to judge engagement with the audience.

Cost: Freemium. Pricing starts at just $10 per month.

Check Out TubeBuddy


11. Cleverly

Cleverly to recruit affiliates

We already mentioned LinkedIn, but for some affiliate managers who are short on time… Searching for leads just isn't an option. In these scenarios, you will want to know about lead generation services such as Cleverly. This agency will write outreach copy on your behalf and sends thousands of personalized messages to your ideal affiliates.

I highly recommend this service for someone who doesn't have the time to send connection requests and messages manually. With Cleverly, you’ll get responses from leads straight to your inbox and then can follow up to continue the dialogue.

Cost: Pricing ranges between $297 – $497 per month depending on your needs.

12. Octopus

These days, I personally use Octopus to build my network on Linkedin. It is very affordable at just $7 per month and can expand your reach to potential partners.

One of my favorite tactics is to find any 2nd or 3rd connection with an “affiliate” in their profile. I create a list of thousands of potential new connections and fans. I use Octopus to reach out to a few hundred per day and present my best pitch of why we should be connected. Giving something of value is important here during this outreach.

Come to think of it…it might be how you found this page!

Cost: Starting at $7 per month.


13. Findymail.

Findymail is another alternative to Hunter. The main thing I like about Findymail is their Linkedin Sales Navigator automation.

It is a huge time saver to be able to export complete searches straight from Linkedin, already enriched with accurate emails. 

Cost: Starting at $49 per month.

Dustin's Choice

When it comes to recruiting affiliates, Grovia has the best solution on the market today. They have a top-of-market software solution that finds niche relevant content partners and their contact info. They have a wide range of solutions for any company's budget, from DIY software to a full-service recruitment outreach solution. If you are looking for recruitment help, take a call with my buddy Rob at Grovia.

Platform Private software

$297 DIY software per month

Full-service starts at $4997

Promotion Start Your Free Trial
Check Out Grovia Now

Affiliate Management Software for Organization.

Affiliate manager organization is vital to the success of the program. Partnership status needs to be documented and time is limited. Let dive into some tools that I see value in 2022 that will keep your program tightened up.

1. Appointlet.

Appointlet helps schedule your life easier

Appointlet is the best way to schedule appointments! It's so easy to use, and it's free! Appointlet integrates with your email, so you can easily send invitations to your contacts. Appointlet also integrates with your calendar, so you can see your upcoming appointments at a glance.

Plus, Appointlet offers a variety of features to make scheduling appointments easier than ever. For example, Appointlet allows you to set up recurring appointments, so you can automatically schedule your weekly meeting with your boss.

Appointlet also allows you to add attachments to your appointment requests, so you can easily share documents or files with your contacts. Appointlet is the best way to schedule appointments! Try it today!

Cost: Starting at $7 per month.

Get Appointlet in your life!


2. Hubspot.

best affiliate management software hubspot

HubSpot is a need-to-know name in the inbound marketing world. The company provides a comprehensive software platform that helps businesses of all sizes attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. In other words, HubSpot's mission is to make the world more inbound.

For affiliate management software though, Hubspot is an amazing Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that keeps affiliate managers organized. It's easy to use and offers a consistently great experience for users. If you're looking to get serious about inbound marketing, HubSpot is the way to go.

Cost: 4 packages available. Free (don't use this), Starter at $45/month, Pro and Enterprise for big usage.

Check out Hubspot


3. Buzzstream.

BuzzStream affiliate management software

If you need a CRM, but Hubspot is too expensive, check out Buzzstream. This tool is one of the most cost-effective tools on the market with plans starting at just $25 per month.

Using Buzzstream, your team can manage relationships and share visibility on outreach progress. Other key features include the ability to automatically save your emails and tweets as well as set reminders to follow-up. For affiliate recruitment, you can create lists and discover contact info for key contacts with the click of a button. This is one of those tools I personally suggest to all of my clients if they do not have something similar already.

 Cost: Starting at $25 per month.

Visit Buzzstream


4. MediaRails

Mediarails affiliate management software

Mediarails is a CRM and recruitment tool all in one…an expensive one. This growth platform helps you find new partners, organize and engage with your existing partnerships, and track it all on autopilot. Affiliate managers are able to find sites that are relevant to their industry and keywords within that niche. In essence, Mediarails discovers relevant sites, email addresses, social media followings, and traffic estimates and then creates a detailed report.

Once you have the report, you can filter through the list and qualify affiliates that you want to reach out to. You can also email your email outreach which syncs to the email provider or tool you are using. Mediarails is a very robust and user-friendly tool that speaks to relationship builders and data analysts alike. To inquire about pricing, you will need to contact Mediarails directly.

In my opinion, Grovia has a more complete and less expensive solution, but enterprise-level companies like to go with Mediarails on Impact.

Cost: Custom packages.

Schedule a demo for more info.

5. OneNote

Affiliate management tools

Another simple yet underrated tool is OneNote, which has more functionalities beyond what a Google Doc can provide. If you have a knack for organization and keeping detailed notes and documentation in one central place… This is the tool for you. What's great about OneNote is you can create several notebooks that contain their own sections, pages, and subpages. This is incredibly helpful to keep all of your notes organized and easily accessible.

Another useful feature is tags which allow you to mark things as important, as well as the ability to add a check box for to-do items. You can also use the search functionality to search and find what you are looking for at lightning speed.

Cost: Starts at $70 per year, and includes other tools.

Visit OneNote


6. Affluent

Affluent affiliate management software

Meet the ultimate all in one software for affiliate managers. Affluent aggregates data from all of the affiliate platforms you use into one central dashboard. Just imagine having all of your affiliate data like commissions, clicks, sales, and more all in one dashboard… You probably don't need me to tell you how this can save you time to focus on growing your business.

Affluent for Agencies works well for affiliate managers that are working with affiliate programs on multiple networks under one brand. For instance, if you have a program listed in both CJ and Shareasale, you can have just one dashboard for both programs. This is a major time saver for affiliate managers that are pulling reports from multiple platforms on a daily basis.

 Cost: Freemium. $19 per month for premium.

 Visit Affluent


7. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail affiliate management software

Before I found Sanebox, I used Boomerang for years.

Boomerang also has additional features such as pausing incoming emails and AI functionality to write better emails. Plans vary depending on usage. The free plan includes 10 monthly message credits. A paid subscription ranges from $4.99 – $49.99 per month with additional features. At the end of the day, this tool ensures you never let a lead fall through the cracks.

Cost: Starts at $5 per month.


Grammarly is a top tool for affiliate managers

Grammarly is a writing app that helps you check for grammar mistakes and provides suggestions on how to improve your writing. It can be used for everything from writing emails to writing essays. Grammarly is free to use, but also offers a premium subscription with additional features. The app is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Cost: Freemium. Paid starts at $7 per month.


9. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook affiliate management tools

While this tool isn't a new discovery… Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive solution that has many amazing and under-utilized features for email organization:

  • Follow-Up tool to add reminders to follow up with key leads and prospects for your affiliate recruitment.
  • Ability to create and save templates for repetitive emails so you can add content to new emails with a simple click.
  • Quick-Step feature that allows you to mark selected email messages as read and move them to a folder in one click. Plus, Quick Step feature for emailing groups with the click of a button.
  • Clean Up Folder feature which removes redundant messages in any thread or folder. These are are older messages in a thread also quoted in the replies that you may no longer need.
  • Easily save important information or documents to Microsoft OneNote with one click and save them in your Notebook.

Cost: Starts at $70 per year, and includes other tools.

Visit Outlook

10. PieceKeeper

Need a recruiting edge? How about giving your affiliates, partners and promoters access to personalized collateral! PieceKeeper helps companies keep the sales assets used by their promoters current, compliant, and co-branded. The software combines corporate control of brand messaging with the empowerment of personalization at scale, all without the reliance on a designer.

PieceKeeper also ensures that no company promotional material sent by sales teams or partners will ever be outdated or out-of-compliance, even if those assets were sent in the past. Check out the demo here.

If you link to the site, feel free to use this URL:

Visit PieceKeeper

11.Superffiliate. helps affiliate managers create co-branded landing pages without having to ask the dev team.  The platform allows for simple, easy-to-use landing page creation with custom designs and A/B testing features. It also provides access to a library of pre-made templates and makes it easy to track performance.

Visit PieceKeeper

Affiliate Management Software to Save Time.

It's no secret that affiliate marketing managers have a lot on their plate. Between growing their affiliate program and liaising with partners, affiliate managers can often be left wondering where all of their time went by the end of the day. I use these affiliate management software tools to save precious minutes every day.

1. Loom.

Loom affiliate management tools to save time

Loom is a personal favorite as it allows you to record screen share videos and quickly share them online publicly or privately. This is huge if you want to share tutorials or private responses to your colleagues, affiliates, partners, bosses, etc. Loom offers a free version as well as a paid subscription with additional features for $8 per month.

Cost: $8 per month.

2. Acadium.

Acadium is a great marketplace for marketing interns

Acadium is an online platform that offers internships and training programs to help people launch their careers in the digital economy. The company was founded in 2016 by Sacha Ferrandi and Simon Roy, two entrepreneurs who saw a need for more internships and training programs in the digital economy. Acadium's internships are paid, and they offer a variety of benefits, including job placement assistance and access to a network of industry mentors. The company has helped place interns at top companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and they have also been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat. If you're looking for an internship in the digital economy, Acadium is a great option.

Cost: Subscription is quarterly at $499.

 Check out Acadium

3.Text Expander.

TextExpander allows you to write out entire scripts instantly with a few keystrokes. The email templates you use frequently will instantly pop up to turn into a shortcut. Essentially, it accelerates your typing by replacing preset abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define. Here are some additional features:

  • Keep your snippets with you everywhere across multiple devices.
  • Ability to use one account across multiple devices.
  • Share all your snippets with others on your team.
  • Automatic updates.

Cost: $2.66 per month billed annually or $3.33 monthly.

 Check out TextExpander


4. LastPass.

Lastpass affiliate management tools

Almost every website you visit these days want you to create an account. It's no secret that using the same password is a bad practice and could get your information hacked. LastPass lets you create one master password that will remember them all for you.

With LastPass, you can autofill your login info, contact forms, credit card info, and whatever else you want to quickly access. This software comes in handy as one of many affiliate management tools to remember all of your dashboard passwords. LastPass has a free version but for just $3 monthly you can score many more useful features.

Cost: Starting at $3 per month.


5. LinkClump.

LinkClump affiliate management tools

With LinkClump, you can open up multiple URLs in separate tabs with just one click. This comes in handy for those scenarios where you run into a prospective gold mine and want to quickly analyze the sites. Linkclump gives you that power and will prevent endless copying and pasting links into the URL bar. This is another one of the affiliate management tools that come in handy on a day to day.

Cost: Free

Visit Linkclump

6. gInfinity.

Have you ever wished you could view more than ten search results on the search engine results page (SERPs) of Google? Meet gInfinity, a tool that allows you to scroll onto the next page without extra clicks and load times. This tool also works great with Linkclump.

Cost: Free

7. PrettyLinks.

Pretty links is a great affiliate tool to make affiliate links prettyRather than sharing a lengthy and probably ugly link, minimize that giant URL to make sharing links easier. is a free tool, but has a nasty history of stripping your URL for their own affiliate link and charging inflated prices to change your links.

I personally use Pretty links for all my URL redirects in affiliate marketing and often use it to provide pretty shortlinks to pages as an affiliate manager.

Cost: $49 per year.

10. Skitch.

Skitch affiliate managhement tools

Skitch is a screen capture and editing tool that lets you annotate right within the screenshot. This comes in handy for pointing out website issues, poor branding, or whatever else you want to critique or comment on.

Cost: Free

Get it here

11. Video Speed Controller.

Video Speed Controller is a Chrome extension that helps to speed videos up or slow them down. With this tool, you can cut your view time in half and blaze through training videos at 2X or more the speed.

Cost: Free

Get it here

12. Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords Everywhere affiliate management tools

Want to know the search volume of a keyword without leaving Google? That's where Keywords Everywhere comes in. With this Chrome extension, you can type a search query into Google and instantly receive the search volume. It also shows tons of other related keywords to consider. You can use the results on the page to find affiliates ranking for those keywords.

Cost: Free.

Get it here


13. Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are another way to save massive chunks of time. Here is one of my go-to's:

Highlight a word, then press Command + C > Command + T > Command + V > Return. This opens up a new tab in Google Chrome and searches for the highlighted word. I personally use this shortcut no less than 100 times per day and can’t imagine life without it now.

For additional shortcuts for PC users, check out this article. For Mac users, here is a helpful video on keyboard shortcuts.

Cost: Free to learn.

Get it here

Affiliate Management Software Wrap Up

And there you have it. Those are my 37+ time-saving tools to work smarter and not harder. What tools do you use? Any that I didn't mention? Leave a comment below and I will update this article to include other suggestions!

One Comment

  • Ansh S. says:

    Whoa! The list of tools is amazing! I had no idea about many of these tools. However, for the email scraping tools, you have mentioned, I feel like it is a little pricey and doesn’t fit the budget of many affiliate marketers out there. $34 for 500 email searches can be a little out of budget for people. When I started my affiliate marketing journey, I did not have much so I kept looking for ways I can maximize my ROI, for email scraping, I started using Aeroelads, I heard some great reviews from my peers about it and even the pricing was such that it surely fit my budget, I mean why not go for 2000 email searches for $50. Moreover, I did not face any big issues while using the tool and have been getting a good conversion rate as well.

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