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What Revvim can do for your PPC campaigns

By Dustin Howes
March 6, 2023
Revvim helps reclaim PPC and Google ads budget

Google Ads and PPC campaigns can be an uphill battle to achieve a positive return on investment. One of the biggest money pits lay in the branded keywords, costing brands between 10-25% of the Google Ads spend with clicks that should have been free with organic results. Revvim helps solve for this on a pay-per-performance basis; let me tell you more about how and why this service is a no-brainer for a marketing team.

How does Revvim work?

Revvim AdAi is a real-time, fully automated system that identifies uncontested redundant ad campaigns that compete with your organic listing. Revvim integrates with your Google Ad campaigns to automatically turn off campaigns that are costing cannibalizing PPC clicks! Take this example of a well-known brand that is searched frequently on Google:

Revvim reclaimed budget

Revvim would pull this ad costing your company money so that the end-user would click the organic ad. However, if a competitor started to bid on that term, Revvim would turn the campaign back on within the hour.

Simple to Install.

Revvim AdAi's distinct design seamlessly integrates with your current PPC systems and procedures, expanding the capabilities of your team, technology stack, and agency without any disruption to your workflow. They work with your team to only focus on keywords and campaigns that you want them to.

Comprehensive Reporting.

Revvim measures and presents the value it generates, providing an in-depth analysis of its decision-making process and activities. Here is a quick example report of the spending savings from one of their happy customers:

Revvim spend savings report

You'll see in the report above that blended click-through rates stay steady, but the ad cost goes down significantly. These results are consistent with all clients that utilize Revvim's AdAi tech. Here are more results of actual cost savings that Revvim generates:


The biggest reason Revvim is an absolute no-brainer solution is pricing model. They are an agency/service that does not charge an upfront or monthly fee, which is unheard of in the tech industry. Instead they work strictly on performance-based pricing, ensuring results where companies only pay when successful outcomes are reached. Here are their fees:

Revvim is pay-per-performance pricing model

If Revvim saves your company $15,000 in a month, they charge $3,000, making your net savings $12,000 that you can reallocate to other marketing endeavors.

Free 30-Day Trial.

Revvim is so confident in its product and service that they offer a free 30-day trial with a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction or you will not be charged. 94% of clients that trial go on to utilize the service!

Click Here For 30-Day Trial

White Label for Agencies.

For those agencies out there looking to utilize Revvim's AdAi technology, you can boost your earnings by approximately $1 million for every $100 million of Google Ads spend you manage by reselling AdAi.

Seamless Integration.

AdAi can be seamlessly integrated into your current solution stack without any disruptions or changes to the services you offer.

Performance-Based Pricing.

With a pay-for-performance fee structure, you can ensure your clients receive a 4x-10x return on their investment with AdAi, without any risk to them. Revvim charges you a percentage of what you charge your clients, ensuring AdAi is a profitable revenue stream for your agency.

Reporting to Make You Look Good.

AdAi delivers daily reports on the value it generates, accompanied by detailed audits that your finance team can use to invoice your clients each month.

Try Revvim Risk-Free 30-Day Trial Now!

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