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SaneBox Review: Your Email Management Solution

By Dustin Howes
April 22, 2024

Inboxes are tough to keep up with these days. If I'm being fully transparent, my inbox has become a cluttered mess over the last year. But, luckily, I also stumbled upon SaneBox so I can subscribe to all the newsletters I want and live that inbox zero lifestyle.

I wanted to take a moment to share my SaneBox review with you. Since their email management solution has helped me so much, I wanted you to learn about it so it could help you too.


Sanebox Review - email clutter


What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is a comprehensive AI email management service that can help you achieve inbox zero and save you loads of time.

By clearing the clutter in your inbox, SaneBox allows you to focus on your highest priorities. It offers features like reminders for follow-ups, and organizing emails, and as you use it, it learns what is important to you.

With its powerful features and intuitive interface, it offers a solution to the never-ending barrage of emails that distract all of us from our most important tasks.


Sanebox email management tool

SaneBox Review: Features

Here are just some of SaneBox's best features from email filtering to their daily digest and machine learning capabilities.


    • Email Filtering: SaneBox automatically sorts incoming emails into different folders based on their importance and separates important emails from newsletters, promotions, and other less urgent messages. By doing so, it allows you to focus on the emails that matter most. It also helps you feel less overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox and makes it easy to quickly locate the emails you need.
    • It's Compatible with Popular Email Clients: SaneBox is compatible with all the big players including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. Whether you're using a desktop computer or a mobile device, SaneBox seamlessly integrates with your existing email setup, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.
    • Flexible Pricing Plans: SaneBox offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs, whether you're an individual looking for personal email management or a business seeking to streamline team communication. Additionally, they offer a 14-day free trial to allow users to experience its features and benefits before committing to a subscription.
    • Reminder Functionality: SaneBox allows you to set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring that important emails are never forgotten or overlooked. This is particularly useful if you're a busy professional who receives a high volume of emails.
    • Easy dashboard navigation: Every tool and feature starts from the dashboard.

start from the sanebox dashboard

Other Cool SaneBox Features:


  • Email Deep Clean: This tool automatically rounds up old, unimportant emails and lets you quickly review and keep or delete them, so you can get to Inbox Zero faster.
  • BlackHole: This cool feature lets you permanently remove unwanted senders.
  • Snooze: Temporarily delay emails that can be dealt with at a later time.
  • Daily Digest: This consolidates less urgent emails into a single digest, reducing inbox clutter even further.
  • SaneNoReplies: Keep forgetting to reply? This folder holds all important emails you have yet to reply to.
  • @whatever: Make your own folders and start dragging in the emails to train its tool to put them in there automatically. I created a calendar invite folder to capture all updates to my calendar and new meetings as I don't need those in my main inbox.
  • Takes only 5 minutes to get started: As advertised, this product only takes less than 10 minutes to transform your inbox and learn how you want it organized for the future. Watch how I used it in live time:



How SaneBox Helps You Achieve Inbox Zero.

When it comes to managing our inboxes, we all know how overwhelming it can be. The constant flood of emails can easily bury important messages, causing us to miss deadlines, lose track of conversations, and generally feel stressed and disorganized.

SaneBox uses algorithms to automatically analyze your emails and determine their importance. It learns from your actions and preferences, adapting to your unique needs over time.

Let's say you receive a lot of promotional emails that you're not interested in. SaneBox's BlackHole feature allows you to unsubscribe from these senders with just one click.

This not only helps declutter your inbox, it also reduces the distraction caused by unnecessary emails.

Emails deemed less important find their way to folders on the left hand side:

It Automatically Surfaces Your Important Emails.

But what about those important emails that sometimes get lost in the sea of messages? SaneBox has you covered. Because the service is AI-driven, as you interact with your emails, it learns which messages are important to you and which ones can be safely ignored. This means that over time, SaneBox becomes more accurate in filtering your emails, saving you even more time and effort.

The smart filtering system identifies less important emails and automatically moves them to a separate folder called the SaneLater folder.

This folder acts as a holding place for emails that don't require immediate attention but are still important enough not to be ignored. You can review this folder at your convenience and ensure that no important messages slip through the cracks.

SaneBox also offers another feature called the “SaneNews” folder. This folder is specifically designed to store newsletters and similar emails.


Ready to achieve Inbox Zero?

So, if you're tired of drowning in a sea of emails and want to reclaim your inbox, give SaneBox a try. Sign up for a 14-day free trial. Your inbox will thank you.


Inbox zero hero sanebox


Comparison with Other Email Management Tools.

While SaneBox has many unique features and benefits, it's important to consider other email management tools in the market:

Spark is an email service that prioritizes efficiency with its smart inbox, email delegation, and collaboration tools, making it ideal for teams and individuals aiming for productivity. InMoat specializes in email privacy, offering robust features like sender verification and blocking, giving users control over their inbox security and reducing spam and phishing risks.

OnMail is known for its focus on privacy and organization, providing features like customizable email domains and advanced search capabilities, tailored for users who value control over their email experience.

Canary Mail boasts end-to-end encryption and powerful features for managing multiple accounts and schedules, appealing to users who prioritize security and productivity in their email communication.

Superhuman is renowned for its speed and productivity-focused features, including keyboard shortcuts and email tracking, designed to streamline workflows and enhance user productivity, making it a top choice for professionals seeking an efficient email experience.

SaneBox Pricing.

SaneBox offers a free 14-day trial, after which its prices go to $7-$36/mo, depending on the size of the package. 

Users can choose the right package for them based on the number of email accounts and the number of core SaneBox features enabled.

The packages include:

  • The “Snack” package with 1 email account and 2 features 
    • $7 paid monthly, $59 paid yearly, $99 paid biyearly
  • The “Lunch” package with 2 email accounts and 6 features
    • $12 paid monthly, $99 paid yearly, $169 paid biyearly
  • The “Dinner” package with 4 email accounts and all features
    • $36 paid monthly, $299 paid yearly, $499 paid biyearly

Sign up here to save $25 on any subscription! 

How to Get Started with SaneBox.


1. Sign up.

The first step to getting started with SaneBox is signing up for an account. Simply head over to their website and click on the “Sign Up” button.

You'll be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Once you've done that, you'll be asked to select your email provider from a list of popular options such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.


2. Customize your account.

Once you've signed up, it's time to customize your account and make it work for you. SaneBox offers a range of features like BlackHole and Daily Digest as well as settings that allow you to fine-tune your email management experience.


Sanebox inbox zero hero

Tips and Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of SaneBox.

Now that you've signed up for SaneBox and customized your account, let's talk about some tips and best practices for getting the most out of this powerful email management tool:


    1. Train SaneBox: The email service learns from your actions, so make sure to train it by moving important emails to your inbox and unimportant emails to the SaneLater or SaneBulk folders. The more you train it, the better it gets at understanding your email preferences.
    2. Use SaneFolders: SaneFolders are a great way to organize your emails. Create custom folders and set up rules to automatically sort emails into the appropriate folders. This can help you stay organized and find important emails more easily.
    3. Regularly review your SaneLater and SaneBulk folders: SaneBox automatically filters unimportant emails into these folders, but it's important to regularly review them to make sure you haven't missed anything important. You can quickly scan through the emails in these folders to see if there's anything you need to move to your inbox.
    4. Take advantage of the SaneBox app: There is a mobile app that allows you to access your email on the go. This can be particularly useful for managing your email while you're away from your computer. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

By following these tips and best practices, you'll be well on your way to achieving Inbox Zero and reclaiming control over your email.



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