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Loom Video Software Review : An Amazing Partnership Tool

By Dustin Howes
May 4, 2022
Dustin Howes reviews Loom video software

Virtual reality and a Metaverse is going to be happening in the near future. But while we anxiously wait to meet strangers across the world in a virtual setting, today the closest we have to fast face-to-face interaction are tools like Loom video recording software.

For years, the landscape for screen capture technology was a motley crew of clunky installed tools that used a ton of computer bandwidth. My computer's fan was so loud I couldn't hear myself think and created a terrible audio experience.

But then Loom came into my life and I instantly fell in love.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use screen recorder with great features and an affordable monthly fee, the Loom video recording app is the only tool you need to try. Let me tell you about all the cool things I like to use it for and how it makes life as a marketer so much easier.

*FTC Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links. The recommendations below are based on my first-hand experiences and I earn a small commission at no cost to you. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

What is Loom video?

Loom is a new way to communicate with your workmates and partners. Using the Chrome extension, Loom users can create short videos and quickly share a link to the recording. It is a more efficient way to communicate with a video-savvy generation.

You can use the Loom extension to create screen recordings, tutorials, videos of your face and screen, voiceovers for podcasts/videos, and more. With Loom video, your live streaming experience starts with the tap of one button and finishes when they've seen everything earlier – so there's no need to worry about taking notes or typing out emails on remote devices.

Loom is a game-changer when it comes to communication. The device enables you and your team members the opportunity for real-time collaboration, which will ultimately lead to better outcomes in both work processes as well as customer satisfaction rates.

Standard Features.


LoomSDK is a lightweight development kit that gives developers the tools necessary to create intuitive, asynchronous video experiences for users in just one or two lines of code. The platform features integrations with existing frameworks and real-time analytics so you can easily build live-action videos which engage your audience while keeping them coming back more.

Share and Publish.

With the Loom Video Uploader, you can share and publish your videos to any number of social media platforms in seconds. You could send an engaging clip right from within our app or make it available for viewing on Twitter through widgets provided by popular services like Instagram & Facebook.

Looking for old videos? Simply go to the Loom video login and you will have a library of all the videos from your past.

Chrome Extention.

The Chrome extension for the Loom video software is very simple to use and quickly records what you want. It comes with the freemium version of the software.

Thee Loom video chrome extension makes it easy to record screens

Multi-Platform Availability.

Multi-platform availability ensures that you can use Loom on any device, whether it's your desktop or phone. The recording app provides live audiovisual recordings as well screen captures for demos and walkthroughs of applications with three options:

  • Camera alone
  • Hybrid screen + camcorder set up (the latter two are what we recommend)
  • Screen only

Recording on the Screen.

Loom is a screen recording tool that allows anyone to record high-quality videos. The app automatically starts and stops the recording process with nothing lost, making it perfect for creators who want their audience engaged by what they see on screen or teachers looking into creating engaging content.


Loom makes it easier than ever to edit your video in a matter of minutes. You can quickly trim content, remove ums and uhs (or add buttons) so you don't have to watch the whole thing over again when there are parts that sound alike or just need some extra attention! Similarly, artists will be able to make CTAs at regular intervals which helps them get their message across more effectively.

Loom Customer Support.

One great thing about Loom's customer support…I've rarely had to use it! Yes, the product has some bugs every once in a while, but the problems are fixed within 24 hours. If I create a ticket, it is answered quickly via email.

Loom provides an extensive set of resources for new users and experts alike. The Help Center contains detailed instructions on how to use the software, as well as information ranging from tutorials about its features all the way down to various troubleshooting tips.

Users can also find answers on their product blog or by visiting their website. They update these sources regularly with updates that are sure not only to help you solve your current issue but give insight into what’s coming next.

Live chat is also available, but the automation takes you to articles to answer the questions. If the articles do not help, you can ask for a live peerson.

Loom provides excellent customer support

How to Make a Loom video.

The ease of using this tool is what makes it so effective. In the video below, I'm going to show you the main features of Loom in a VERY meta (and ghetto) way.

You can download the video and upload it to Youtube as well, pending you are interested in how to make money on Youtube.

And here is the SUPER meta Loom video within the video here.

Loom Video for Affiliate Managers.

As a partnership manager, the Loom video software has been my absolute favorite affiliate management software tool. I mainly use it for two main types of videos.

The first video I love making ar tutorial videos. These can be messages to folks I am training on my process for a task like recruiting affiliates. In every “welcome to the program” sequence, I make sure to create a 3-5 minute video for affiliates to teach how to navigate an affiliate platform.

Another type of video I love to make is personalized messages to partners. One of my favorite methods to recruit partners to affiliate programs are personal videos on Linkedin DM.

Use Loom to create personalized messages on Linkedin

Loom Video Pricing.

Loom video software is frreemiumStarter package: Free.

Test the usability for free with the starter package. This easy-to-use, no-cost option is perfect for anyone who wants to make a quick video. You get videos up to 5 minutes long and can store up to 25 videos.

The key features:

  • Cam bubble and screen recording.
  • Viewer feedback.
  • Workplace for Groups.
  • Editing in real-time.

Business package: $8.

With the advanced recording and analytics package, you can get access to unlimited video creators. There's also a 14-day free trial so that users have enough time to decide whether or not this service suits their needs before committing themselves fully for $8 annually per month (or less) with no hidden fees involved.

The features include  the starter package plus:

  • Closed captions and transcriptions.
  • Filler words should be removed.
  • Individualized branding.
  • Observations on participation.

Enterprise package: Call them.

With access to advanced admin tools like unlimited video creators and recording lengths as well security features that are second only to major social networks this package will make sure your business stays on top of its game. The major benefits of being in the business category include access to advanced admin tools and security features.

Enterprise  features:

  • SSO (SAML).
  • Advanced content encryption.
  • Integration with Salesforce (beta).
  • SCIM.

Refund policy/free trial.

With a 14-day trial period, you can test out all of the features on Loom's Business Account before deciding if it is worth upgrading. You have unlimited access to everything that comes with paid membership but only for one month at $8 per user each year. If not satisfied after your time frame expires or find any problems within ourselves just let us know so we'll be glad to help solve whatever issue has come up.

Loom Video Pros & Cons.

Loom Pros.

  • Loom video is a super simple way to record and share with everyone.
  • The software caters to the needs of businesses and content creators by making it easier than ever before. With a seamless interface, you can record your screen in seconds without getting lost or distracted on any other device.
  • Loom is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that provides users with the tools they need for their business. With a few clicks, you can start recording your message or even just share some pictures.
  • This tool is a partnership manager's dream! Create tutorial videos and personalized messages that will get responses.
  • Loom video allows you to edit the video instantly after it is created.
  • It is very affordable at just $8 a month.

Loom Video Cons.

  • Users are locked into a subscription. Once you stop paying, the unlimited videos are gone and you have to download them to keep, which is annoying.
  • The interface could use a facelift.
  • The editing functions are easy to use but limited.
  • The quality of your video appears to be dependent on the size and format that it was recorded.
  • Payment options are all or nothing. Having a la carte and bundle options would be helpful for the consumer.
  • The free version is only good for a maximum of five minutes per video.
  • The control area with the profile picture is just too big. It covers quite a bit of screen recording area, which makes it hard to see what you're doing when editing your video.

Loom Alternatives.

Loom vs Screen Recorder. 

Screen Recorder is the app you need for simple, quick capture of your screen. With more people working from home than ever before and a growing need to show what's on our screens. Screen Recorder is a modern minimal Progressive Web App that offers 100% free private use with no watermarks or ads.

You can use Screen Recorder to capture anything you need on the fly. It's a great tool for anyone who wants quick videos of their screens, whether it be sharing with others or just communicating how things work where they are at right now without having an expert come help out.

Loom video software does so much more than Screen Recorder ever will.

Pricing: Free forever.

Loom vs CloudApp.

CloudApp lets you quickly and easily record your screen, voice, or even webcam while automatically saving it all to the cloud for quick sharing. Share what is happening on Cloudapp with just two clicks of a button! You can now have an instant recording so that no matter where life takes you – everything will be saved right there at hand ready when needed most.

CloudApp is the perfect solution for any company looking to communicate visually. Whether you're a marketing team, customer support department or engineering staff – CloudApp connects everyone in one easy seamless flow.


  • Free plan & Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from $8/ month


Is Loom recording safe?

Loom's commitment to your security is unparalleled. They undergo periodic penetration testing, are designed with GDPR compliance in mind, and will always do everything possible for our customers' data safety so that it can stay on Loom secure cloud servers where they belong.

Can people see my videos on Loom?

Your videos are only accessible to you and cannot be seen by others. You would need to share them with someone in order for that person find out about what's happening on camera.

How long can you screen record on Loom?

With Loom, you have the freedom to create videos that are up to 5 minutes long for free. You can also go beyond just recording for a few moments and instead produce longer content with ease.

On the pay version, you can record videos that last up to 6 hours! longest ones yet. It's perfect for any project needing more than just 30 minutes of content- whether it be marketing or educational purposes, among others.

Is Loom for free?

Yes, they have a freemium version that anyone can use. There are restrictions on the usage of 25 stored videos and a 5-minute max length for each video.

Wrap it up, Dustin.

Loom is one of my favorite efficiency tools of all time. I love the features it provides and the ease of use.

Loom video is so great for my business

It is a great tool for partnership managers to be able to make quick videos to partners, and also to train others for the future. Go try out the free version today and test it for yourself!

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