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JEBCommerce Review: How It Revolutionized My Client Satisfaction Strategy

By Dustin Howes
May 4, 2024

Running an agency is not easy work. Client satisfaction is paramount and the easiest route to happy clients is program growth. I have run my own consultancy and scaled agencies, but I found the work too demanding for my skill set. So I decided to find the industry's best outsourced program management (OPM) agencies and send my leads to those that I trust. One of my favorites is JEBCommerce. This JEBCommerce review will showcase their methodology and strategy for affiliate program growth.

A Closer Look at JEBCommerce


A. History and evolution

Ever felt like you're listening to a friend who always has the most captivating stories? That's JEBCommerce in the world of affiliate marketing. They jumped into the scene in 2004 with a blend of enthusiasm and expertise, aiming to bring fun and success to affiliate marketing.

They quickly became the ones setting trends, known for discovering the best new ways to do things that others hadn't even considered.

JEBCommerce has been grabbing awards left and right, proving they're top-notch at strategy and turning every challenge into an opportunity for everyone involved. Their journey from the beginning to leading the industry has turned affiliate marketing into the place everyone wants to be.

B. Core Offering

  • Incremental Revenue and Sales: JEBCommerce boosts your earnings by discovering and leveraging hidden growth opportunities.
  • Affiliate Management: With JEBCommerce, you get comprehensive service plans that keep you cruising toward success, vibrant programs, and profitability.
  • Affiliate Program Audit: JEBCommerce meticulously analyzes your existing affiliates in the program, your outreach messaging to potential and existing partners, and solutions to the problems.
  • Attribution and Incrementality: JEBCommerce helps you track customer behaviors, analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, and ensure that every effort contributes positively to your bottom line.

C. What sets them apart?

What truly sets JEBCommerce apart is their mastery in leveraging 7 groundbreaking strategies that have not only positioned them as leaders but have also turned affiliate marketing into the sought-after table where everyone wants to sit. These strategies are like a playbook for turning challenges into opportunities, ensuring that both JEBCommerce and their partners come out on JEBCommerce: Delivering Exceptional Results in Affiliate Marketing

JEB Commerce Review

JEBCommerce has built a strong reputation in the affiliate marketing industry, consistently receiving industry awards and recognition for its outstanding performance. These accolades serve as a testament to the agency's proven expertise and ability to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Proven Expertise and Results

  • JEBCommerce has a track record of success and innovative strategies.
  • Awards and recognitions highlight their outstanding performance.
  • Businesses partnering with JEBCommerce can expect a significant return on their affiliate marketing investments.
  • The agency focuses on driving revenue and growth to help businesses achieve their goals.

Rapid Channel Growth

  • Industry standard for a profitable affiliate program is 6-12 months from launch.
  • Utilizing a database of thousands of affiliate partners, JEBCommerce excels in driving rapid channel growth within the first 120 days of program launch.
  • This showcases their strategic approach and industry expertise.
  • By leveraging their knowledge and experience, JEBCommerce helps businesses achieve significant growth and expand their affiliate marketing reach.
  • This ability to deliver quick results sets JEBCommerce apart from other agencies.

From Dustin's Desk: Insider Insights

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In an enlightening interview with Jake Fuller, CEO of JEBCommerce, insights were shared on the art of excelling in affiliate marketing and the pivotal approaches that ensure client satisfaction and success.

Read the full blog post here.

Jake Fuller has been instrumental in shaping the affiliate marketing landscape, standing as a beacon of knowledge and expertise within the industry.

A critical takeaway from the conversation with Fuller was his structured approach to transforming client expectations into significant achievements.

1. Understanding what is incremental revenue

When it comes to achieving success in business, understanding incremental revenue can be a game-changer. Incremental revenue refers to the additional revenue generated as a result of implementing specific strategies or tactics.

Benefits of understanding incremental revenue

  • Allocate resources effectively, identifying growth opportunities.
  • Evaluate marketing spend, refine strategies for ROI.
  • Reveals upselling, cross-selling opportunities, boosts loyalty.
  • Essential data tracking for revenue improvement insights.
  • Update pricing strategies, ensure competitiveness, market growth.
  • Optimize revenue for sustainable growth, competitive positioning.

Benefits of focusing on incremental sales

  • Increased revenue
  • Cost-effective
  • Customer loyalty
  • Market expansion
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved customer insights
  • Long-term growth

2. Utilizing Attribution Models

When it comes to marketing, understanding the impact of each touchpoint in the customer journey is crucial. Attribution models are powerful tools that help businesses attribute revenue and conversions to specific marketing channels or campaigns. By utilizing attribution models, businesses can gain insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

There are several types of attribution models that businesses can use, each with its own advantages and limitations.

Here are three commonly used models:

  1. First-Touch Attribution: Credits full conversion to the initial customer interaction, highlighting channels that attract new customers but may ignore subsequent influences.
  2. Last-Touch Attribution: Assigns conversion credit to the final pre-conversion touchpoint, useful for optimizing closing strategies, yet overlooks earlier customer interactions.
  3. Multi-Touch Attribution: Distributes conversion credit across all touchpoints, offering a holistic view of the customer journey but challenges with complexity in implementation and analysis.

3. Understanding what your client wants

Fuller's approach begins with a thorough understanding of client desires, initiated during initial sales conversations. This step includes in-depth discussions and Q&A sessions to clearly identify the client’s goals and needs.

4. Creating a year-long strategy plan

Armed with knowledge of the client's expectations, Fuller and his team develop a detailed 12-month plan. This strategy roadmap serves as a shared guide, highlighting key goals and expected achievements throughout the partnership.

5. Managing Unrealistic Expectations

Understanding that clients may sometimes expect too much, Fuller tackles this by educating them on what is truly possible, considering their understanding of affiliate marketing.

Here are some key strategies for managing client expectations:

  • Set clear, realistic expectations at the beginning to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Educate clients on industry standards and limitations to align expectations.
  • Keep lines of communication open, updating clients regularly.
  • Offer alternatives when clients' expectations are unrealistic.
  • Effectively manage scope creep to maintain realistic expectations.
  • Document all agreements to ensure clarity and avoid disputes.

6. Dispelling myths about affiliate marketing

JEBCommerce Review

Identifying and correcting any client misconceptions about affiliate marketing is key. Fuller educates clients to ensure their expectations match up with achievable outcomes.

Myth #1: Affiliate marketing offers quick financial success

Affiliate marketing is often mistakenly viewed as a quick way to wealth. However, from the merchant's program perspective, the industry standard for a program launch to profitability is usually six months time. Brands doing this on their own will grow slowly and organically. Pros like JEBCommerce though have a faster route to success by utilizing their database of affiliate partners. Steady program growth still requires time, effort, and quality content for real success.

Myth #2: Only sizable companies can succeed in affiliate marketing

Contrary to belief, affiliate marketing isn't just for large businesses. Although growing an affiliate program for well-known brands is easier, small companies also benefit by using it to increase brand awareness and sales. The cost-effective nature of affiliate marketing is also very appealing to companies, being that cost per acquisition is normally much lower than social and paid advertising.

Myth #3: The affiliate market is too crowded for newcomers

Despite perceptions of an oversaturated market, the evolving affiliate marketing industry offers new opportunities for innovative and niche-focused newcomers.

7. Uniting client stakeholders

All parties within the client's organization need to have aligned expectations. Fuller strives to merge differing viewpoints to avoid confusion and ensure a unified approach towards common goals. Through these methods, Fuller lays the groundwork for a partnership rooted in clarity and mutual benefit in affiliate marketing.

The interview debunked several affiliate marketing myths, notably the misconceptions surrounding the quick results and the overemphasis on content sites. This insightful dialogue concludes by reaffirming the necessity for clarity, alignment, and ongoing learning within the affiliate marketing sphere.

For a deeper understanding of the strategies that underpin successful client relationships and affiliate marketing mastery, visit the full interview with Jake Fuller

JEBCommerce Review Wrap up.

Collaborating with an agency that stands at the forefront and boasts a proven history of success is crucial in the ever-evolving realm of affiliate marketing.

JEBCommerce's enduring commitment to driving exceptional results, paired with their innovative approach, makes them the ideal partner for businesses aiming to harness the full potential of affiliate marketing.

As we conclude this exploration of JEBCommerce's illustrious path and industry-leading strategies, it's clear that their impact transcends mere business growth—they're shaping the future of affiliate marketing. For businesses poised to take their affiliate marketing strategies to the next level, there's no better time than now.

Are you ready to unlock your business's growth potential with JEBCommerce?

It's time to chart your course toward unparalleled success with JEBCommerce by your side.

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