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19 Top Influencer Marketing Platforms You Can Trust: 2022 Guide

By Dustin Howes
April 24, 2021
Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

“We want influencers and content publishers.” I hear this same message from every client.

Every brand wants influencers that can make a difference, but they can be tough to find and even harder to actually connect with.

That’s where I come in to hunt down these difference makers. But I have a dirty little secret… I use influencer marketing platforms and other tools to make my life easier.

Best influencer marketing platforms

The rise in brands seeking out influencers with a loyal fanbase to market their services and products has led to the creation of influencer marketing platforms.

These platforms showcase influencers that have a strong social following. By leveraging social networks the right way, big and small brands can find influencers and do wonders for their business, marketing, and sales.

As you read, you will find out what exactly these influencer marketing platforms are, how they work, why your business should be using one (or more), and which platforms I trust. Here we go!

What is an influencer marketing platform?

In simple terms, this is a one-stop-shop for influencer statistics and contact info. Seeking out the right influencer, local or large-scale, can be both tricky and time-consuming. influencer marketing platforms simplify this task by connecting the dots between brands, content creators, and marketers. These are software solutions that provide both fledgling and veteran businesses with a database of top-notch influencers.

Social media celebrities are called influencers for a reason. People who choose to follow them are easily impressed by the brand culture, ideas, and lifestyle perpetrated by them. Brands that can successfully seek out influencers whose reputation and lifestyle align with their business can leverage it to get the word out.

This is where influencer marketing platforms come into play. They make the job easier by serving as both content creators and marketers at once. If you are still wondering whether hiring services of a marketing platform would be a good idea, we’ll quickly get you out of that rut by telling you “yes” and here’s why.

Benefits of using an influencer marketing platform.

influencer marketing platforms are more than just an assortment of the biggest list of influencers. These are software solutions equipped with some key metrics including age demographic, region, cost, and gender that make their influencer database more niche specific. influencer marketing platforms use these metrics to come up with matching results for brands in terms of both cost and reach. But there are some added bonuses as well.


One of the metrics employed by influencer marketing platforms is historical data. As stated earlier, working with a credible, non-controversial social media celebrity is critical for a brands’ reputation. By digging into the influencers’ bio-data, profiles, and records, this software can help brands partner with reliable marketers.

Advertising Campaigns.

Many of these influencer marketing platforms go a step further than setting you up with the right influencer. They help you manage your advertising campaigns and review their success rate once these campaigns go live.

By capitalizing on these metrics, businesses can generate detailed reports on their campaigns and drive greater success in the future.

How to choose an influence marketing platform?

A dependable influencer marketing platform will be your gateway to a reliable influencer and ultimately a more successful marketing campaign. The sheer availability of marketing platforms can make it difficult for businesses to choose the right fit. There is however a set of questions you can ask yourself before opting for one.

For example, does the online marketing agency make it easy to find genuine and credible influencer networks? Do these influencers have the targeted demographics? Also, what are the site’s navigability and functionality like? A software solution should be just that: a “solution”. As a brand looking to simplify local or wide-scale marketing, you will not have time for getting stuck into unnecessary ruts caused by complicated site navigation.

Another important consideration can be the additional features. As mentioned earlier, certain platforms will be more than just your access to multiple social channels. They can also help you out with managing and tracking your ad campaigns. Find out whether these influencer platforms allow you the flexibility of managing content and optimizing your advertising gigs. If the answer is in the affirmative, this makes your life so much easier!

Ultimately, the question of the right influencer marketing platform and marketing strategy comes down to the individual differences of brands and businesses. But a valuable listicle of some of the best platforms can go a long way in helping you figure out where to start. This is why I have come up with a list of the top influencer marketing platforms that you must keep an eye on in 2021.

18 Best influencer marketing platforms?

While preparing the following list of the best influencer marketing platforms, I kept two parameters in mind: popularity and functionality. The goal was to provide readers with a range of software solutions wide enough to help them with cost, feature, and functionality comparisons.

Here are my top picks.

1. Afluencer.


Afluencer is a two-in-one marketing stop that not only helps businesses partner with successful influencers but also allows the latter an opportunity to team up with brands of their choice. This leading social media publisher features “influencer spotlights” that bring exposure to both influencers and the brands they represent. Here are some of the site’s key features and services.


  • A database of 547 brands and 5249 pre-vetted influencers
  • Advanced influencer profile and bio-data; key metrics surrounding the influencer’s collaborations and past engagements help brands estimate an influencer’s scope
  • VIP features include campaign management and optimization, custom video production, email introductions to influencers, and other services


  • New and upcoming partnership and collaboration programs for brands and influencers
  • A viable platform for new and rising influencers looking for organic growth
  • Brands can reach out to Afluencer’s own marketing experts for advice on hiring the best influencers and the most relevant collaboration programs


  • No free trial
  • · Advanced functionality might make navigation difficult for novice users


  • VIP Package: $49/month
  • Concierge packet with additional features: $99/month
  • Boss package with additional features: $199/month

2. Tokfluence.


Tokfluence is a popular Tiktok influencer and audience analysis platform for startups and larger brands. The platform allows brands to successfully search, filter, and analyze influencer profiles across a wide variety of categories. With over 10 million+ accounts featuring on the site, Tokfluence boasts one of the largest databases in the industry.


  • Prioritized influencer profiles based on data analysis and audience insight
  • Brands can work with fake checks, demographics, and niche-specific metrics to measure influence and brand alignment
  • Smart filters include Keywords, Hashtags, Mentions, Gender, etc


  • Advanced influencer search functions
  • Opportunities for campaign optimization
  • Top all-around Tiktok for influencer marketing platforms


  • High-tech functionality will require some technical skills


TokFluence begins at $49/month for small businesses or $25/month when billed annually. Its Business plan or running large-scale campaigns costs $129/month or $65/month when billed annually.

Dustin's Choice

This is what I personally use to find TikTok influencers. It is very affordable and the information is accurate.

Platform TikTok Influencer Marketing Platform
Price $25 – $129 per month
Promotion Start Your Free Trial
Learn More

3. Grin.

Grin influencer marketing platform

Grin is an emerging influencer marketing tool for eCommerce. It provides brands with the opportunity to expand DTC marketing by building direct relationships with the influencers. This is important since consumers are typically shrewd enough to sense a fake endorsement on the go. Grin serves as a one-stop marketing platform for relationship management and expansive influencer networks.


  • End-to-end marketing by integrating with business campaigns and the entire eCommerce stack
  • Advanced recruitment analytics that hires from talent pools across multiple social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • High-end engagement metrics to track and manage influencer relationships, engagement rates shipping products, and repurposing content
  • Influencer discovery tools that give access to over a 32million+ pre-vetted influencers
  • Robust reporting tools that unveil individual metrics and analyze ROI of the entire influencer marketing campaign


  • Integrated influencer campaigning eliminates the need to bounce between different social channels
  • Product seeding and easier payments due to integrations with e-commerce shop solutions such as Shopify, Magento, Paypal
  • Optimized influencer relationships for a more genuine endorsement
  • Navigable dashboard to provide brands with quick community analytics
  • The most complete tool of all the influencer marketing platforms


  • Slightly higher costs for small businesses
  • Unprecedented system delays reported by users
  • Limited automation and campaign customization


Contact the company to set rates for your campaigns; variable rates depending on the size of an influencer’s network and campaign

4. Fourstarzz Media.

Fourstarzz Media

Fourstarzz Media has tailored its services for small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford high-end marketing and are looking for a mix of value and cost convenience. It offers a one-stop marketing suite that allows brands to manage their entire advertising campaign.


  • Functionality includes influencer outreach, content management, and social media monitoring
  • Multiple search categories to find the right influencers: hashtags, location, audience demographics, etc.
  • An assortment of over 750k pre-vetted large and local influencers
  • High-end influencer management with advanced functions including a messenger tool
  • Campaign reporting and an easy-to-use analytics dashboard


  • Affordable; comes with one month’s subscription plan
  • Unlimited access to key campaign metrics including influencer outreach, audience demographics, cost estimation, etc.
  • Support in the form guides and other resources
  • Influencer invitations
  • One-stop access without the intervention of the sales team


  • Although the pricing is reasonable, it does not offer a free trial


$59/month for all campaigns

Dustin's Choice

The best bang for your buck for all influencer marketing platforms. This product has all the major stats you need to find the right niche influencers on seven different social media channels.

Platform Influencer Marketing Platforms
Price $59 per month
Promotion Sign up here.
Sign Up for Just $59

5. Heepsy.


With a database of over a million influencers, Heepsy is one of the largest influencer discovery platforms. They offer direct contact with influencers as well as


  • Their advanced analytics offer brands analyses of influencers’ outreach, history, and audience demographics.
  • Heepsy also allows companies to create influencer lists, export data, and manage influencer relationships
  • High-end search filters using hashtags and usernames


  • Heepsy allows unlimited audience data and authenticity audits
  • Offers free trial to access all of its features before upgrading to a paid subscription


  • Advanced search and maneuvering may require some time to get used to


  • Starter: $49/month
  • Business: $169/month
  • Gold: $269/month


Influence Grid is focused on helping marketers search for top TikTok influencers. It works as an influencer search engine and database, helping find the categories you are interested in. If you search “prank influencers,” Influence Grid returns some of the most popular TikTokers in that niche.

Influence Grid allows for three types of searches:

  • Search by niche
  • Search by location
  • Search by username


  • Filter by country, followers, views, likes, and engagement percentage
  • Find the TikTok influencers for your budget with database of over 130,000 influencers
  • Pre-vetted and verified influencer email addresses


  • Verified email addresses are a clutch feature for mass outreach
  • Very reasonable pricing for the industry
  • The best of the influencer marketing platforms in the TikTok realm


  • Only focused on TikTok
  • DIY is only option


  • $30 – 500 exports per month
  • $60 – 1000 exports per month
  • $150 – 1500 exports, multiple accounts

7. TapInfluence.


Marketing software Tapinfluence has developed a way to connect large businesses and enterprises with influencers looking for collaboration opportunities. The site offers detailed influencer bio-data along with other analytics that leads businesses to successfully conclude whether the influencers fit their brand. These metrics include following, reach, cost per engagement (CPE), and other info.


  • Offers customizable campaigning; businesses have a say in the creation process, briefing, reviews, and promotion processes
  • The tool allows you to analyze industry benchmarks and post-campaign results
  • Allows advanced keyword searches across a wide demographic


  • A great variety of tools and advanced automation functionalities
  • Offers an all-rounded and well-integrated campaign management


  • Users may struggle with navigability and mastering the various tools


Quote-based pricing; contact company for details

8. IZEA.


Starting early with bloggers and TikTok celebrities, IZEA has evolved into a robust influencer marketing solution. The platform allows businesses to generate customized influencer marketing campaigns and brand awareness before optimizing them and tracking results.


  • Advanced filter for relevant influencer discovery
  • One-stop platform to find the right social-media celebrities, engage with creative briefs, manage payments and perform other relevant operations
  • Real-time tracking of influencer performance and content impact


  • Intuitive audience demographics allows greater reach
  • Efficient search metrics allows searching for influencers by using keywords, topics, and location


  • Smaller database of influencers


  • IZEA Discovers charges $149/month
  • IZEA Unity Suite is a quote-based plan

9. BrandCycle.


BrandCycle is a popular marketing agency for brands, influencers, and publishers. It offers massive opportunities for collaboration between high-end brands and a wide cabal of pre-vetted influencers. At the same time, the platform caters to enterprises looking for white-gloved outsourced publisher development and representation.


  • Customizable affiliate services for publishers
  • Soup-to-nuts management by BrandCycle experts from recruitment and relationship management to deal negotiations and content creation


  • Partnership opportunities with more than 400 retail brands
  • Accessibility to thousands of pre-vetted influencers and large-scale publishers
  • Consulting services tailored to fit clients’ needs
  • Intuitive and easy to manage


  • Limited payment method (Payoneer); may provide difficulties of payment for small businesses with typically limited options


  • Pricing starts at $399.0/month for Entry level (Growing teams)

10. NeoReach.


NeoReach is another popular influencer marketing and relationship management platform. The tool contains a wide category of veteran and emerging influencers and helps track influencer ROIs and other key metrics. Suited for both small businesses and startups, as well as large-scale enterprises, NeoReach is a valid marketing solution that uses its analytics and reporting ability for better customer service.


  • Analytics/ROI tracking along with other campaign analytics to help companies keep tabs on marketing influence
  • Campaign and content management
  • Faceted search; multiple features and easy influencer discovery
  • Offers payment tracking along with monitoring on social media


  • Support available via email, FAQs, and forums
  • Quick influencer discovery


  • Small business may find it slightly more expensive


  • Pricing starts at $399.0/month for Entry level (Growing teams)
  • Premium Package begins at $799/month; aimed at large brands for unlimited usage

11. Upfluence.


Upfluence is another popular cloud-based end-to-end influencer discovery solution. Its high-end data analytics metrics and engagement options make it easy for brands to discover influencers and bloggers that best fit their business. At the same time, Upfluence can help small and large businesses with campaign management and optimization.


  • Customizable and scalable contacting tools to reach out to influencers
  • Offers real-time insights, detailed reports, and up-to-date workflow statistics around key metrics
  • 20 different advanced search criteria and access to over 4 million influencer bios
  • Marketing support from Upfluence professionals and experts
  • Tracking and analyzing influencer content and campaign performance


  • Extensive database enabled by proprietary algorithm indexes that enable access to across-the-channels influencer marketing platforms
  • Keyword-based searches for greater optimization;
  • Real-time insight allows brands to keep tabs on marketing performance
  • User-friendly interface


  • No free trial is available


Upfluence only offers quote-based plans; contact the company for further details.

12. ttagz

Ttagz app is the ultimate organic marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes looking to improve their social media presence. The platform allows businesses to create and customise incentives for their customers to redeem in exchange for simply tagging the business on their Instagram stories. Using the latest research in influencer marketing, ttagz has found a way for businesses to engage and create long-term, holistic marketing opportunities, while simultaneously rewarding nano-influencers with free food, drinks, experiences and so much more. ttagz is the ultimate influencer marketing tool for small businesses.


  • Create incentives tailored to your business.

  • Control caps and limits of each incentive.

  • Analyse the impact of each campaign from the business dashboard.

  • ttagz actively monitors and screens photos that are being posted.


  • A constant flow of user-generated content.

  • Helps you connect with your customers who have the best engagement rates among friends and families.

  • Allows businesses to drive new customers through existing customers.

  • Increases brand awareness.


  • Due to the use of micro and nano influencers, businesses may find difficulty in building nationwide brand awareness.


  • 1-month Free Trial

  • Monthly: £29

13. KLEAR.


KLEAR boasts some cutting-edge technology that puts its brands at the forefront of audience-winning marketing campaigns. Its cloud-based services, detailed influencer bio-data, and integrated end-to-end solution allow businesses greater optimization.


  • Multifunctional search engine with a wide assortment of filters to find the right influencer; filters include niche topics, following; audience demographics, and more.
  • A one-stop hub for influencer marketing and campaign measurement
  • Integrated CRM tools and customer communication portal


  • A fully integrated marketing and management campaign
  • Multiple filters make it easier to find relevant influencers
  • Post-campaign results and out-reach measurement


  • The export feature does not pull the historical data at times


The website does not specify pricing plans; contact the company for details.

14. AspireIQ.


AspireiQ focuses on enabling authentic and scalable marketing campaigns as opposed to creating an exclusive legacy of fame and numbers. Their focus is to create organic marketing campaigns by bringing together brands and influencers in a more meaningful and personalized environment. AspireIQ takes care of multiple marketing touchpoints including digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and website content.


  • Advanced Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing analytics for tracking and optimizing ROIs
  • Content management
  • Social media monitoring, payment tracking, and faceted search filter for quicker and relevant influencer discoveries


  • Marketing and technical support via email, phone, and chat
  • Provides in-person, and live training
  • Easy opportunities for collaboration with brands and engagement with sponsored posts


  • Influencers looking for exposure can only apply for up to five gigs a month until they acquire 4 or 5 stars on their profile
  • It may prove slightly expensive for small businesses


ASpireiQ does not provide fixed pricing and follows a quote-based plan.

15. Tribe Dynamics.

Tribe Dynamics

Aimed at large and medium businesses, Tribe Dynamics is a valuable influencer marketing platform that offers brands scalable and strategic marketing. At the same, the platform serves as a campaign management tool bolstering results.


  • Traceable and organized marketing across multiple social media channels
  • Brands are allowed to lead niche-specific influencer discoveries
  • Advanced engagement metrics help with influencer-relationship management
  • Competitor insights and industry benchmark reporting for a more informed campaign management


  • Automated capturing of influencer performance makes it time-efficient
  • A simplified dashboard that provides key analytics and earned media data
  • Converts tactical efforts into various performance metrics for easier comprehension
  • Software is consistently updated with feedback integrations
  • User-friendly with a great support system
  • Free trial for 45 days


  • Does not offer UGC management or optimization for owned media
  • Does not offer in-app contract negotiation


Offers 3 pricing models:

  • Micro package for $1500/month
  • Established package for $2750/month
  • Powerhouse package for $4000/month

16. CreatorIQ.


CreatorIQ is a cloud and web-based influencer marketing platform that provides brands access to a variety of influencer networks. The software solution is particularly designed for large businesses looking for wide-scale influencer marketing.


  • CreatorIQ helps businesses scale with its all-in-one dashboard analytics, advanced reporting, and ROI tracking
  • Provides database contact
  • Faceted filters for macro-influencer discovery
  • Step-by-step tools for influencer relationship management and content optimization
  • Offers CRM, lead management for multiple campaigns, social media monitoring as well as payment tracking


  • Offers top-notch customer service and account management
  • Multiple forums to access the company support
  • Consistently rolling out feedback–integrated upgrades


  • Advanced functionality can be difficult to get hang of in the beginning


Contact the company for pricing details.

17. The Room.

The Room influencer marketing platform

The Room is a digital and influencer marketing platform that allows companies to swap products and campaigns with “authentic advocacy” from top-notch influencers. It’s a one-stop hub for brands and influencers to come together and expand their networks by building genuine connections.


  • Offers brands complete control over the nature of campaign and experience in return for exposure and appearance
  • A sound database of pre-vetted nano and macro-influencers
  • Influencers can bid for brand collaborations; the decision to start campaigning with an accepted influencer rests with brands and businesses
  • There is no monetary exchange; brands and businesses are only allowed to swap products and experiences for an influencer’s exposure
  • A pre-vetted database of 2000 influences


  • Provides opportunities for genuine advocacy that is rarely found in paid media space
  • A cost-effective way of finding exposure and access to influencer networks


  • Offers a somewhat limited database of pre-vetted influencers


Quote based pricing; for details contact the vendor

18) Traackr.


Traackr can be your one-stop hub for influencer marketing, audience analytics, and campaign management. With its advanced analytics and value-driven insights, large brands and enterprises can quickly scale their marketing performance.


  • A prioritized database of influencers culled from advanced audience insights
  • Opportunities to track and assess influencers and find a good fit
  • Social media monitoring; opportunity to track campaign results and measure content performance


  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Intuitive and advanced functionalities
  • Offers a free demo


  • Advanced analytics will require some technical skills and training


Contact the company for pricing details.


Influence. co boasts one of the largest communities of brands and influencers in the industry. Their mission is to help businesses build brands, create content, drive awareness, and ultimately sales.


  • Offers customer relationship management, campaigns customization, and content creation flexibility
  • Faceted and keyword-based search filters for a more relevant discovery of influencers
  • Advanced analytics for tracking influencer performance and monitoring social media
  • Influencer relationship management


  • Easy to use with a wide assortment of analytics and tracking features to help companies keep tabs on their performance
  • Offers webinars and customer support
  • Free trial available


  • Advanced functionality might prove a little difficult to grasp


  1. 6 months: $600/month
  2. 12 months: $450/month

Influencer Marketing Platforms FAQ

To help you further understand the influencer marketing space, here's a list of some of the most sought-after queries related to influencer marketing tools and platforms.

1) What are influencer marketing platforms?

These are software solutions that help brands and businesses access a wide pool of influencers for exposure. Most influencer marketing platforms go a step further than influencer discovery and provide tools for running and measuring your marketing campaigns.

2) What are the top influencer marketing platforms?

According to my research, the best influencer marketing platforms are:












Fourstarzz Media.

Tribe Dynamics.


The Room.


3) Which platforms do influencers use?

Influencers use a variety of popular marketing platforms to get discovered by brands and businesses. They also use several social media platforms, most importantly Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat, to publish content, gain a following and leverage it to help brands with exposure.

4) What is Instagram influencer marketing?

It refers to exclusively leveraging an influencer’s following on Instagram: one of the most popular social media platforms for user engagement.

5) How much do influencers get paid to post?

Payment depends upon an influencer’s following and other key metrics including engagement, history, etc. Micro-influencers with less than 10,000 followers typically charge up to $200 for a post. Influencers with a following crossing into millions can charge up to $1000 per post.

Wrap It Up Dustin

In today’s day and age, competition is in high gear. Times have proved influencer networks as a powerful source of instant exposure for brands competing for space. But accessing and negotiating with a reliable influencer for a target audience can be a bit of a challenge. This is where influencer marketing platforms come in so handy.

The list of popular influencer marketing platforms provided above can bring you a step closer to the kind of genuine endorsements that lead to quicker sales. You may click through the links to find your perfect fit and tap into a valuable pool of influential marketing for your business.

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