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Increase customer acquisition rate: 4 do’s and don’ts on WooCommerce store

By Dustin Howes
December 13, 2021
4 ways to improve customer aquisition rate for your woocommerce store

The price of your products is appropriate, they have good quality, you have advertised a lot for it on the internet, and even your WooCommerce traffic is high; But in the end, the audience does not buy any products! What is the reason? Despite high visitor numbers, low product purchases show one thing: the low “Customer acquisition rate.”

In this article, we will introduce you to 4 ways to improve this rate. You may not have considered them before, but they will greatly impact increasing your WooCommerce store sales.

What is customer acquisition rate?

Simply put, it is the percentage of people that are buying what you are selling. The higher the rate, the better you are doing.

Ecommerce stores should average between 2% to 10% conversion rate, depending on variables like price point and product quality. Let's get into how to increase this percentage.


1. Personalize the shopping experience.

What is the key to personalization? Make the shopping experience fun and easy! As a seller, you have to think like customers and find creative ways to attract them. For example, Amazon uses a 360-degree customer view to store data on every person's behavior. Let's have a look at some of the best ways to personalize the shopping experience in WooCommerce.

Highlight recommended products.

Showing suggested products will keep existing customers and improve their shopping experience. But the biggest benefit of recommended products is to help increase the customer acquisition rate. You can either use built-in settings or plugins to set up WooCommerce product recommendations, we will show you two useful WooCommerce related products plugins.

Product Recommendations.

Bringing machine learning and human intelligence together, “Product Recommendations” helps the customer to get upsells, downsells, and cross-sells during their purchasing activity. The most important feature of this plugin is its intelligent search algorithm that finds important product relationships and makes a “Frequently Bought Together” list.

Recommendation Engine

This plugin becomes useful when customers' behavior is significant. The plugin offers product recommendations based on view history, purchase history, and frequently purchased products. If you want Amazon-style product suggestions for your customers, then go for it.


Navigate the site based on visitors' interests.

Ever heard of user interface design? If the UI designer navigates the site accurately, the visitor will easily find the route. It isn't easy to design an interface that provides different audiences equally. To solve this problem, you can divide the links of the site. Take a look at these examples.

Excellence Through Quality (ETQ).

Using a navigation bar at the top of the screen, the ETQ website has reduced the number of categories. This provides a comfortable design that helps the customer focus on the products. But what makes the design special? All paths lead people to the product page and shopping.

Work exposure, exploration, and experience (WE3). 

This site is a clear example of interactive navigation. The design gives you the power to navigate, so you can choose what to display. Every time you scroll down the website, new data appears and gets you to explore the whole site.

Marketing emails based on behavior.

It would help if you tried to send emails that fit the user's interests. For example, if you are a clothing store, the content of your email should be about fashion and lifestyle. Using information such as name and purchase history, you can start a personalized email with special sentences to create intimacy and let the customer feel you care about their interest:

  • A special gift for you
  • We invite you to
  • A unique offer for you

For every 3 or 4 promotional emails, try to send an email containing valuable content for free, so they know you respect them, and they are not just advertising targets to sell products. You can either use MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin; it's free and has email automation options that help you personalize and automate your email marketing based on user wishlist conditions, see more features here.

Use discounts efficiently. 

You'll get good results if you offer the Discount in the right place, at the right time, and to the right people. Here are some helpful ideas for doing this.

Offer specific discounts.

“15% discount only for our Instagram followers!” Discounts like this, which are considered for a limited group of customers and the consumer sees it exclusive, are more likely to work out.

Discount as a package.

In any store, some products are difficult to sell due to their low popularity. For every purchase of best-selling products, you can also give one of the products that have not been sold for a long time as a gift. By using this strategy, you will both sell your old products and increase the sales of your new products.

Increase the value of the Discount in the customer's mind.

Depending on how high the price is, offer discounts in different expressions. A “$ 20% discount” looks good for a $50 product, but for a $150 product with a similar discount, a “$30 discount” seems more appealing.

Cheap instead of free.

People usually do not value, free files or products. You can offer them cheap products and limit their download to a paid membership.

This cheap product is a tool that you can give them high value and prepare them to buy expensive products. You can use several different plugins to restrict file access to paid members and create expiring download links.

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2. Encourage customers to write product reviews.

According to a study by Naveen Amblee & Tung Bui, this aspect plays an important role in increasing the social proof of any eCommerce store:

“With the minimal role of price in the buying decision, social discussion via eWOM (Electronic word-of-mouth communication) becomes a collective signal of reputation, and ultimately a significant demand driver. Our empirical study suggests that eWOM can be used to convey the reputation of the product, the reputation of the brand, and the reputation of complementary goods.”

But why is social proof so influential for boosting the sales rate? The apparent answer is that potential customers see other buyers have liked your product, and now they trust you more. However, there is a psychological effect behind positive reviews: Creating envy. People see that other people benefit and enjoy a product, then they want to get the same benefit in their lives.

Let's have a quick look at three examples of these review tools for woocommerce store :

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro.

Key features: 

  • Allows customers to attach photos and videos to reviews
  • Updates the existing review instead of adding new reviews
  • Creates upvoting and downvoting systems
  • Filters reviews by different measures

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce.

Key features: 

  • Automated or manual review reminder emails
  • Offer discounts in exchange for reviews
  • Import and export reviews
  • Integration with Google Shopping

WP Customer Reviews.

Key features: 

  • Multiple anti-spam measures to prevent automated spambots
  • The admin can edit reviews for content and date.
  • Admin responses can be made and shown under each review.
  • Supports both Business and Product review types.

As you see, all of these plugins are inspired by big companies like Amazon. So, even if you don't want to use these tools, analyze the product review sections of popular eCommerce websites to accomplish a good marketing vision.

Customers make great affiliate partners.

First-hand experience with a product is the most compelling content your product can have. But your customers are not always savvy to the ways of promoting your products. Incentivizing them with commissions is a great way to increase the sales volume.

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3. Enable breadcrumbs.

In large WooCommerce stores, there are many subcategories, and the user may need to go through more than three straight paths to reach their target product. This is where breadcrumbs become handy.

Breadcrumbs are navigating links that are placed at the bottom of the store site. There are many types of breadcrumbs, but they all aim to help users understand the relationship between the current page and the rest of the site. You can apply these breadcrumbs to your WooCommerce site for free by using Yoast SEO plugin.

Which breadcrumb type to use on WooCommerce?

There are three types of breadcrumbs:


Showing where you are on the site and how many steps away from the site's home page, this type is very useful in sites that have many levels of content and navigation layers. The user can easily use them to return to the previous pages and higher levels of the site with just one click. This is the most common type and is useful for almost all websites.


Mostly seen on store sites after selecting multiple product features, this type is one of the essential navigation parts of any WooCommerce site. The user needs to apply various filters and features to find their purpose.

For example, on apartments .com, you want to see ads for 2-bed rental properties in the Chicago area, with a monthly rent of between $1000 and $2000. After you have selected the features you want, a feature board will appear for you to recognize your choices well and even make changes to them if necessary.


These types of breadcrumbs are the least used on websites. History-based breadcrumbs do exactly what the back button does in browsers. They don't help improve the UX at all, and in most cases, they are an additional factor. As a result, this type of breadcrumb is almost extinct, and you may rarely see an example of it on a website.

Now let's see which type is suitable for your WooCommerce site. The third type of Breadcrumbs is no longer used on websites. The location-based type is suitable for sites like Amazon that have a lot of content files and pages. The second type is useful for shopping sites, by which customers can apply the needed filters and find the product easily. The best practice for your UI improvement is to use the first and second types in collaboration. 

Best practices of breadcrumb navigation.

  • Do not duplicate the item or text on the breadcrumbs, as it will confuse the user.
  • Use familiar symbols like right-angle brackets'>', slash ‘/' and the pipe ‘|' to create navigation.
  • Use keywords related to the content.
  • Breadcrumbs should not be too big because it is a secondary tool for the main navigation bar of your website. 
  • Like Amazon using attribute-based type, use the breadcrumbs type that fits your site.
  • Highlight where the user is located in the breadcrumbs' section using bold or coloring letters.
  • Don't link the current page to itself because clicking on it will not lead to a new page.

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4. Use different color schemes for CTA buttons.

Wherever you are invited to take action on sites, apps, or social networks, you are faced with a CTA. The following are some of the most common types of WooCommerce CTAs:

  •  Pay, buy, or add to cart button
  •  Email Receipt Form (for subscribing to the site's email list and receiving a weekly newsletter, for example)
  •  A button or link that invites you to visit another product page
  •  The “Read More” button that displays the full text of a blog post
  •  Registration and membership box for websites and applications
  •  An advertising banner designed to get you clicked
  •  Content sharing buttons in social networks
  •  Links, buttons, or forms that invite you to download a file or application

Now, you may be wondering if the CTA button color matters? Let's see what the psychology of colors says.

How does CTA button color affect consumer behavior?

Think about your behavior when exploring websites and social networks:

  • Many of us see the posts sent to us on Instagram and go to other posts without seeing that profile page.
  • We often search for a phrase in Google, and after opening a page and reading it, we leave that site without even a single click.
  • We want to buy many things; we visit a site or app and see the purchase buttons, but at the last second, we decide to leave the store without shopping at the last second.

The better the CTA is designed, the lower the percentage of people who passively visit the site. Sometimes, changing the color and text of a button can easily increase passive visitors to a store from 99.8% to 99.6%. This change means that potential buyers have doubled (from 0.2% to 0.4%).

According to the Von Restorff effect, when several similar elements are put together, an element that is different in one aspect is likely to attract more attention.

The best color schemes for the CTA button.

Are green and red the best colors for CTA buttons? NO!

Based on expert studies, there are no definite colors for the CTA button. Color does not matter separately; how much the button color contrasts with the website theme.

There are two things to keep in mind:

  • Contrast button color with background color: Use complementary colors to make the CTA button more visible. This way, the button is not lost among the other page elements, and the user sees it quickly.
  • Contrast button color with text color: The user needs to easily read the text color on the button. We suggest you use white on the dark buttons and black on the light buttons.

Wrap it up Dustin.

If you are one of those WooCommerce owners that focus entirely on the high number of entries, you are missing the target. Targeting is the best approach to increase sales. If you have ten targeted visitors, converting them into actual buyers will cost you less time, money, and energy than converting 100 non-targeted visitors.

As mentioned, personalization, product reviews, navigation, and CTA button design of your site are effective factors in optimizing your customer acquisition rate. Using the noted WooCommerce plugins will also turn the table for you.

If this article were helpful to you, we'd love to send the link to your friends to help their business. Finally, as always, we are happy to share your experiences and questions with us in the comments section.

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 Saeed Threes is super curious about marketing with WordPress; my challenge is to increase sales in WordPress without the need for other websites; how to sell more without more traffic? I seek the answer to this question in all my jobs!

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