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Dustin Howes

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“Dustin is my go to secret weapon when it comes to structuring, organizing and running every affiliate program I work with. The resources and training is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Thank you so much!!”​
Sarah Laws
Sarah LawsCEO, Laws Marketing Consulting
“This course is a great training tool for new managers, and for managers looking for new ideas to improve their program and sharpen their skills. The fraud prevention and audit processes he explains were eye opening and are going to save our program much more than I paid for the course. Best of all, the format of the course was really helpful for me to balance my current workload and still carve out time to learn.”
Angie Burnett
Angie BurnettAffiliate Coordinator,
“Dustin’s knowledge in the affiliate space is impressive. He recognized fraud in my program that I never considered. Hiring him saved my company over $10,000 in commission payouts. His course and services pay for themselves. Thanks Dustin!
Nick Pullano
Nick PullanoCEO,
“Before Dustin’s Performance Marketing training, I felt overwhelmed by the thought of managing an affiliate program; it’s challenging to know exactly what to do to build a program. But after going through the course, I have a clear step-by-step process for how to create, run and kill it with the affiliate channel.” ​
Melodie Moore
Melodie MooreCEO, Business Tech Ninjas
“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Dustin, or as I called him “Coach Dutch”, for 2 years. The impact he has had on not only my professional development, but personal development, is incredible. His patience, temperament and all round fun nature resulted in perfect environment to absorb what he was teaching. But for me, the defining factor was his ability to make every obstacle, challenge, or even quick task a lesson to learn from. Thanks Coach.”
Robert Kielty
Robert KieltyAffiliate Manager, WP Engine

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