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Freshsales Review and the Top 5 Features for Affiliate Managers

By Dustin Howes
September 19, 2023

The use of a CRM is crucial for affiliate managers to stay organized. Freshworks and its suite of services have been in business for as long as I can remember and have been a big player in the software game. I’ve personally used their products to manage several clients over the years, but never took the time to write out the features. That changes today with this Freshsales review, so strap in to get the straight dope on how affiliate managers can use this suite of tools to be an organizational machine.

What is Freshsales?

At its core, Freshsales is a confluence of design excellence and unparalleled functionality. Tailored for the contemporary affiliate manager, it is a holistic CRM solution, as echoed in many a Freshsales review.

Moving ahead, you might wonder, why the sudden hullabaloo about a CRM? In the rapidly evolving world of affiliate marketing, having the right tools is imperative. Software tools emerge quicker than a cactus in spring, and it is tough to keep up in this ever-changing climate.

What makes the Freshsales review worth your precious time?

The digital realm is littered with tales of CRM tools that promised the moon, only to deliver a handful of moon dust. However, when a platform like Freshsales saunters into the scene, it doesn't merely stride; it makes an entrance.

On the surface, its sleek interface and minimalist design might suggest a straightforward tool. But beneath that deceptively simple exterior is a sophisticated apparatus teeming with capabilities. But wait – before you're enticed by these assertions, let's take a methodical, almost clinical approach. For those with a discerning eye, mere descriptions won't suffice. After all, in the world of CRMs, proof is in the performance.

As this Freshsales review delves deeper into its features, functionalities, and purported advantages over the competition, let's keep our skepticism handy. We're not here for a sales pitch; we're here for a detailed exploration. So, tighten your seatbelts, or should I say, sharpen your cacti, as we embark on this insightful journey, cutting through the mirage to find the real essence of Freshsales.

Setting the stage: Why Freshsales for Affiliate Managers?

The nexus between an affiliate manager's success and their tool suite is undeniable. Freshsales, as delineated in numerous Freshsales reviews, optimally straddles functionality and user experience, making it an indispensable asset for managers.

Every Freshsales review is amiss without delving into its seamless blend of engagement and efficacy. The platform invigorates the oft-staid realm of CRM tools, bringing a refreshing user-centric approach.

The Evolution of Freshsales.

Like a wine that improves with age, Freshsales has only grown more potent over time. Delving into its historical trajectory is essential to any comprehensive Freshsales review.

Every behemoth has humble beginnings. Freshsales' evolution from a nascent startup to an industry stalwart stands as a testament to its relentless pursuit of perfection. What started out as a CRM for sales teams, has evolved into helping marketing teams organize their partnerships as well.

The Five Features of Freshsales for Affiliate Managers.

My first impression during this Freshsales review is that the user interface is easy to navigate with easy-to-understand fields. My initial encounters with Freshsales are often marked by its intuitive design. A coherent interface coupled with meticulous attention to detail ensures users feel welcome, an attribute consistently highlighted in Freshsales reviews.

Beyond aesthetics, Freshsales demystifies complexities. For novices, the platform offers guided tours, ensuring that the learning curve isn’t precipitous—an aspect lauded in many a Freshsales review.

  1. Organizational Interface.

This Freshsales review showcases 5 features for affiliate managers

Ah, organization. It's the backbone of efficiency, especially in the world of affiliate management. Freshsales clearly had this in mind when they designed their organizational interface. This isn't just your average, run-of-the-mill layout; it's an interface that beckons with both beauty and brains.

As you dig deeper into Freshsales, you'll appreciate the thought behind every tool placement and feature accessibility. It's akin to walking into a meticulously organized library, where every book is precisely where you'd expect it to be. This ease of navigation ensures that affiliate managers spend less time grappling with complex menus and more time focused on optimizing their affiliate campaigns.

  1. Partnership Pipeline.

Here's where things get really interesting. The partnership pipeline isn't just a list; it's a dynamic visualization of your affiliate relationships. Imagine having a bird's-eye view of each partnership stage, from initial contact to successful collaboration. It's akin to a well-oiled assembly line, ensuring no potential partnership falls through the cracks.

Moreover, with the ability to customize this pipeline according to individual needs, affiliate managers can tailor the system to mirror their specific operational workflow. It's not just about tracking; it's about proactive management that propels partnerships forward.

  1. Uploading Lists Easily.

Gone are the days of tedious manual data entry. With Freshsales, affiliate managers can bid adieu to the monotonous task of inputting endless data. Whether you've got a CSV brimming with potential affiliate contacts or a spreadsheet detailing partnership outcomes, Freshsales makes the upload process seamless.

And it's not just about uploading. Once your lists are in the system, Freshsales' powerful algorithms get to work, sorting, categorizing, and preparing the data for your perusal. The result? Instant access to organized data, ready for actionable insights.

  1. Email Outreach from within the Dashboard.

Email outreach within the dashboard is clutch for any CRM I use. In a world where switching between tools can be both cumbersome and counterproductive, Freshsales offers a solution that's as elegant as it's efficient. The built-in email outreach tool means affiliate managers can connect with potential partners without ever leaving the dashboard.

But it's not just about sending emails. The tool offers analytical insights, tracking open rates, and engagement metrics. It's like having your very own mini email marketing platform, specifically designed for affiliate outreach. And with the capability to automate follow-ups, you'll ensure no lead remains unattended.

  1. Webhooks to Your Affiliate Platform.

In the realm of digital connectivity, webhooks are the unsung heroes. Freshsales leverages the power of webhooks, allowing affiliate managers to sync the platform with other affiliate tools they might be using. This kind of integration is invaluable. Why? Because it ensures real-time data transfer, keeping all systems updated and aligned.

Whether it's pushing new affiliate sign-ups to another platform or pulling in campaign performance data, Freshsales' webhook capability ensures your tech stack communicates in perfect harmony.

In essence, Freshsales isn't just another tool for affiliate managers. It's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to simplify, streamline, and supercharge affiliate management operations. With these five features at the helm, affiliate managers are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with finesse and flair.

Freshsales Review: Delving into Pricing, Pros, and Cons.

With the features clearly stated, now we investigate the motivation to go with this tool. I’m going to journey into the affordability and things I like (and don’t like).

Freshsales Pricing: A Deep Dive into Freshsales' Value Proposition.

Freshsales pricing is very affordable

In today's hyper-competitive digital marketplace, ensuring you obtain maximum value for every dollar spent is paramount. Freshsales, true to its commitment to offering world-class solutions, presents a tiered pricing structure designed to cater to diverse needs.

  • Free: Geared towards budding businesses, this tier offers the foundational tools essential for getting started in affiliate management. It includes access to the primary dashboard, basic communication tools, and limited analytics functionalities.
  • Growth: As businesses grow, so do their requirements. This package, often the most reviewed in Freshsales reviews, is tailored for medium-sized enterprises or those scaling rapidly. It boasts advanced automation, an extended suite of analytics tools, and enhanced communication features.
  • Professional: Targeted towards large businesses and affiliate marketing moguls, this is Freshsales in its most potent form. It's a holistic solution, offering unlimited integrations, premium analytics, and priority customer support.
  • Enterprise: Recognizing that some businesses have unique needs, Freshsales offers bespoke packages. These are crafted after meticulous consultation, ensuring every specific requirement is met.

Pros: Celebrating Freshsales' Strengths.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Freshsales, despite its intricate functionalities, is hailed for its intuitive interface. Even the most complex tasks are simplified, making the learning curve impressively shallow.
  2. Robust Integrations: The platform's ability to seamlessly integrate with a plethora of third-party applications ensures that businesses can maintain their existing digital ecosystem without disruptions.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: Freshsales' analytics module is not just about raw data. It's about actionable insights that can drive decision-making and shape strategies.
  4. Customization: The platform's malleability, allowing for deep customization, ensures that it mirrors the unique workflows and processes of every business.
  5. Support and Resources: Freshsales is backed by an exemplary customer support team. Furthermore, its repository of resources, tutorials, and best practices is invaluable for users.

Cons: Areas Where Freshsales Can Refine its Offering.

  1. Initial Overwhelm: Some users, especially those new to affiliate management platforms, have found the plethora of features initially overwhelming. A more streamlined onboarding process could alleviate this.
  2. Limitations: While Freshsales offers an incredible tool for the price point, there are bells and whistles that other CRMs have that they are missing with all of their packages. For CRM functionality, I love it, but I need additional list-building tools that they just don't offer.
  3. Advanced Features Learning Curve: Though Freshsales is largely user-friendly, some of its advanced features demand a steeper learning curve. More hands-on tutorials could be beneficial here.
  4. Integration Glitches: A few users have noted occasional glitches with specific third-party integrations, though these have been promptly addressed by the support team.
  5. Mobile Application: While Freshsales does have a mobile application, some reviews suggest it lacks a few functionalities available in the desktop version, making on-the-go management slightly constrained.


Here are some frequently asked questions for those trying to get the most out of this Freshsales review.

Is Freshsales easy to use?

Absolutely. Freshsales is designed with user experience in mind. Its intuitive interface streamlines complex processes, making it accessible for both novices and seasoned professionals. Regular updates and guided tours further simplify the learning curve, ensuring users can harness the platform's full potential with minimal friction.

Is Freshsales free forever?

No, Freshsales isn't free forever. While they do offer a free trial that allows users to explore its features without commitment, long-term use requires a subscription. Their tiered pricing structure caters to varied needs, ensuring businesses of all sizes find a package that aligns with their requirements and budget.

Which companies use Freshsales?

A diverse array of companies, ranging from startups to established enterprises, leverage Freshsales for their CRM and affiliate management needs. The platform's scalability and versatility mean it's suited to various industries, from e-commerce and tech to healthcare and finance. Some notable businesses might be listed on Freshsales' official website under their testimonials or case studies section.

Where is Freshsales based?

Freshsales is a product of Freshworks Inc., a company headquartered in San Mateo, California. However, it's worth noting that Freshworks has a global presence with offices in multiple countries, reflecting its international user base and global outreach.

Wrap it up, Dustin.

Any comprehensive Freshsales review needs to balance its strengths against its areas of improvement. The platform, undeniably, offers a robust suite of tools and functionalities designed to make affiliate management a breeze. Its shortcomings, few and far between, don't overshadow its strengths but offer avenues for further refinement. For businesses, from fledglings to giants, looking for a trusted ally in their affiliate marketing journey, Freshsales emerges as a strong contender.


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