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Demio Review: Top Notch Webinar Software

By Daniela Romero Ramirez
March 29, 2022
Review of the webinar software Demio

When it comes to webinar software, Demio is one of the top solutions for marketers and businesses alike. Webinars are one of the most common methods for product marketing and Demio is one of the top market products out there in 2022.

Not to be mistaken with the Demio car by Mazda, but this Demio has an engine that will drive home the sales.

So what makes it so good? Let’s find out.

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What is Demio?

Demio provides an easy, no-download webinar experience that also includes all necessary tools to generate better results.

This software allows you not only to stream live video from one room while simultaneously allowing other users to interact through text chat rooms, which provides you with ample opportunity to create engaging presentations without having to worry about physically being present at all times.

Demio is the only platform that can help you scale your marketing and customer-education efforts with live video in less time than ever before. Whether it be to generate leads, convert trial users into paying customers, or educate existing ones on how they could improve their satisfaction levels–Demio seems to have got a solution for every need.

Standard Demio Features.

  • The one-click webinar joining: Demio offers a one-click webinar joining experience that is less complex and time-saving. The software provides easy participation for those who don't want to go through complicated steps with their computers, making it an excellent choice if you're looking into hosting.
  • Webcam sharing: Demio offers a unique way to present your product by allowing members on the platform to share their live video feeds with one another. You can be sure that everyone has seen exactly what you show because there's no need for awkward strained conversation or delay in getting feedback. Demio offers a more personal experience for those who are interested in purchasing. You can give live demos and explanations or have other members do it so that you don't need to worry about holding up your end with complicated technology.
  • Visually pleasing presentation tools: Demio provides a visually pleasing experience for its users with tools that allow you to create engaging presentations. You have tons of customization options to make each Demio registration page more memorable and beautiful than ever before- without any distractions or sidebars getting in your way while you talk about what's important for your business. They also prioritize user-friendliness so your brand can be front-and-center in every webinar!
  • Launch marketing campaigns to promote events: You can use their built-in solutions to promote your webinar with a simple click. You will not need professional training or experience, and the templates are easy for anyone to use. Within the Demio login, you can find templates like registration pages, which will make creating an event easier than ever. The website templates have beautiful designs made just right so people want to visit again. There are landing page content options such as lead names/email addresses and companies, making it easy enough for anyone could do these things themselves if needed.
  • Branding on slides: With Demio, you can add and display your logo on the webinar material to market products. Branding in front of potential customers is essential for building a strong brand identity that will help gain momentum with consumers as well as co-partnerships.

Demio Pricing.

Webinar software Demio prices

The Demio app offers four different packages to suit your needs. They provide everything from basic web hosting for sites without any complicated features, all the way up through managed WordPress sites.

Starter: This package starts at $34 per month, which is to be paid annually. The pricing for this level of service fits small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are just getting started in webinars as it includes all the basic features you need with no extra fees or costs! You can host up to three hours of events on one domain but there's a limit per person.

Growth: The most popular package, Demio’s $69 per month growth plan is a year-long commitment. It includes all the features from their starter pack plus some extra perks like five-hour session limits and custom branding.

Business: The business pack starts at $163 per month to be paid annually. It is ideal for growing businesses and has the same features as the growth pack in addition to an eight-hour session limit, allowing four hosts, priority support, and Marketo integration.

Premium: With the premium package, you are guaranteed ten hours of sessions per month with priority support and concierge onboarding. This means that we will help make sure your experience is smooth from start to finish.

Demio Pros.

  • Flexible Pricing: The company offers a variety of packages, starting at variable and flexible prices. One can easily purchase according to their needs or budget- it's all about deciding which package is right for you.
  • Interactive Features: The features of the webinar are very interactive and catered to make it more exciting. With polls, CTAs, etc., you can easily involve your audience in what is going on with this event which will help increase their engagement tremendously as well!
  • Customer Support Service: Customer support is available to help you through any issue. The Demio team responds quickly with accurate answers, showing that they care about each person who uses this service rather than just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Demio Cons.

  • No free plan: Even though there is a 14-day free trial, there is no free plan. To fully subscribe to Demio’s webinar platform, you will have to purchase one of the available packs.
  • The session closes 10 minutes after host disconnection: 10 minutes after the host disconnects, your session will be ended and you’ll get 10 more seconds to keep watching before it shuts down for everyone.
  • Only one host is allowed in the lower two packs: Regardless of the size of the business; some may require more than just one host, some businesses might need more than that!
  • Lack of customization for email reminders and follow-ups: The lack of customization for email reminders and follow-ups is a missed opportunity to make your branding stand out. When it comes time to send an important message or update, having the ability to put together some custom elements will help keep recipients engaged with what you have going on.

Demio Alternatives.

Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience and engage them in an informative, interactive session. But which webinar platform is best? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with each option so you can make informed decisions when choosing yours.

Demio vs ZOOM.

Zoom Webinar offers a lot of customization for plans, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. The ability to customize plans is what sets it apart from other platforms like Demio. With all these extra features and capabilities come some cons though, such as being complicated for businesses who might not need them or want something simpler

Zoom has a higher attendee limit than Demio, up to 10 thousand. This means that if you're hosting an event for 1K people or more on Zoom's more expensive plan then it will be easy.

Zoom is a super popular choice in the webinar platforms mostly because of their very popular conference call technology. However, for the webinar software part of it, they rank #7 on my list.

Zoom Pricing.

Zoom Webinar is a great tool for hosting online events with up to 100 participants. The base price of the service, which includes no additional features and only 50 users at once, starts around $549 per year ($540 if you're on Demio's Starter Plan). If your organization needs more than this though it may be worth looking into their Growth or Advanced Plans that can cost upwards from $800 depending upon what kind of support requirements suit best for YOUR specific business need.

Demio vs WEBEX

Webex is an app that gives a user-friendly experience for video conferencing. Users can host any conference by clicking on their connection in software and joining it, where they will be given access to all previous recordings of these types of meetings from other members who also use Webex; this means you don't need extra gadgets or devices just because your work requires better communication! The most promising aspect about using WebEx as opposed to others like Skype (which charges money)

Webex Pricing:

Webex has some of the most competitive prices in this industry. It's hard to beat their 8-user per month plan for just $24.The Webex Premium 25 plan ($39 per user monthly) provides access to the most popular meetings, while their more comprehensive 100 pack costs only $69 annually.


Is Demio better than Zoom?

Zoom and Demio are both great tools for connecting with your audience. The main difference between them? One can be used from a web browser or mobile app, while the other only offers this option through its desktop application (though it does have an auto-reply feature).

Is Demio free to use?

Demio is free to use. But to get the full experience, you'll need a paid plan!

How many presenters can you have on Demio?

15 presenters and moderators for each hosted session, but you'll need at least one Host per presentation or discussion group if not more! That means that they must be given access as soon as possible so everyone has their link – which also guarantees round-the-expire chat boxes like those seen on TV talk shows (with voice capabilities).

Can you record on Demio?

You can record your webinar sessions on Demio to ensure you never miss a thing! it ‘’'ll start the recording as soon as it detects that you are going live, and stop when the event has ended. No need for complicated scripts or oversight from anyone else – just set up in minutes with our easy-to-use interface so all of those important moments don't get lost forever.

Wrap it up Dustin.

Demio ranks #2 on my best webinar platforms, but for many folks that use this tool, there is no use to go anywhere else.

Dustin's Choice

Top three reasons why eWebinar is my favorite pick: Affordable pricing, unlimited registrants, and no-code landing pages.

Read the complete eWebinar review.

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