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16 Best Mailchimp Alternatives: Free and Paid Tools for 2021

By Dustin Howes
June 23, 2021

16 Best Mailchimp Alternatives: Free and Paid Tools for 2021.

With an average return of over 42%, email marketing remains your most lucrative channel for ROI.

Given the statistics, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to invest in robust email marketing solutions to access larger audiences on a more personal level.

When it comes to email marketing services, Mailchimp has been an industry favorite for quite some time. However, its latest pricing policies and feature glitches have forced many businesses to seek out other alternatives.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of strong Mailchimp competitors that can get a similar, if not a better, job done. Following is a comprehensive list of the best Mailchimp alternatives, free and paid, to save you both time and money.

  1. GetResponse– Best overall, great service deliverability
  2. Moosend– Affordable service
  3. Sendinblue – Intuitive marketing tools
  4. HubSpot Email Marketing Software– All-in-one marketing, sales, and service software
  5. AWeber– Best for individuals, creatives, small and large businesses.
  6. Constant Contact– Simplified omnichannel marketing
  7. MailerLite– Powerful suite of advanced tools
  8. ConvertKit– Effective audience builder
  9. Omnisend – Best overall Mailchimp alternative
  10. ActiveCampaign– CRM management
  11. Campaign Monitor– Product recommendations
  12. Drip– Powerful automation
  13. Mailjet– Comprehensive free package
  14. Automizy– Great personalization
  15. Benchmark– Valuable for multilingual teams
  16. SendPulse– Email and messenger marketing

1. GetResponse.

Best overall product. Dustin's personal choice.

GetResponse is dynamic and multi-channel platform that is quicky becoming an industry favorite. The software, with its smart marketing solutions, such as automated builders, social media ads, webinars, etc., is a viable tool for small businesses.

I have personally been using GetResponse for the last two years and have been very impressed with their consistent product upgrades. Like most other email marketing solutions, GetResponse features its own set of templates for quick and easy email designs.

You can integrate the software with popular apps such as Slack, Magento, WordPress, etc. Its newly integrated feature “Autofunnel” automates your sales funnel by bringing together social ads, audience creation, webinars, landing pages, and payment processors.

GetResponse: mailchimp alternative


  • Contains automated features such as email builders, email templates, and landing pages builders
  • Your sales funnel can be tweaked with segmentation and personalization.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Provides email analytics, automated workflows, eCommerce integrations for easier, behavioral targeting, as well as CMS integrations


  • You can integrate the software with payment processors, such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • By subscribing to its Premium plan, you can lower your other external costs using many of its omnichannel features


  • A limited number of subscribers in all three of its plans
  • For more advanced features, you will have to upgrade to its premium plan


2. Moosend.

Best for businesses of all sizes.

A great advantage for Moosend users is the option for unlimited customer segmentation even with a free plan.

It also provides users with tools that can help them manage their lists and drive their sales up for their eCommerce projects.

For businesses that are running on a tight budget, Moosend is definitely an affordable alternative especially if you are looking for an omnichannel platform that is decently sophisticated.

Moosend: mailchimp alternative


  • Contains free email newsletter templates for an enormous variety of use cases
  • The newsletter templates come with easy drag-and-drop editing options.
  • List segmentation for an increased CTR and sign up forms to secure your leads
  • Automated email features for reduced repetitive chores
  • Landing page builder and email analytics
  • Popular apps and service integrations


  • Businesses already familiar with Mailchimp will find the transition to Moosend a lot smoother.
  • Moosend remains 30% cheaper than Mailchimp.
  • The software is fast and reliable.
  • You can send an unlimited number of emails.
  • It's a free forever alternative for individuals just starting out


  • You can only have a limited number of subscribers in its free plan.


3. Sendinblue.

Best for both small and large businesses.

Another strong Mailchimp competitor, Sendinblue is a power-packed email and SMS marketing platform for creative and all types of businesses.

Among its vast suite of features, you will have templates for email newsletters, marketing automation, social media ads, landing pages, SMS Campaigns.

Sendinblue mailchimp alternative


  • Offers personalized marketing campaigns to target customers based on behavioral patterns
  • You can send an unlimited number of SMS messages
  • Robust email builder, and on-spot email deliverability for effective marketing
  • You can also issue transactional emails connected to your website via Sendinblue
  • Offers behavioral targeting, segmentation, email lists, etc.
  • Marketing automation, email analytics, eCommerce integration, etc.


  • Compared to Mailchimp, Sendinblue offers greater value for the money. It’s more affordable than plans offered by Mailchimp and grants users the option to subscribe to a forever free plan.
  • It also offers additional features not offered by Mailchimp such as live chat and SMS marketing.
  • The software is optimized for mobile and contains a mobile-friendly email builder.


  • Is not the most robust when it comes to tracking your leads and customers
  • Only interactions through emails are automated


You can create a free account, or upgrade to one of its paid plans.

Lite: $25

Premium: $65

Enterprise: Customized quote

4. HubSpot Email Marketing Software.

Best for large enterprises and businesses.

HubSpot is another emerging customer relationship management platform (CRM) that offers all of the crucial email marketing tools such as a landing page builder, email marketing, sign up forms, etc. With HubSpot, you can also optimize your campaigns for mobile, customize your templates and increase your clickthrough rates. As a Mailchimp competitor, it also offers the following features.

HubSpot email marketing


  • Contains email builder and templates
  • Offers list segmentation and personalization for customer retention
  • Premium and professional plans offer email analytics and A/B testing respectively
  • Comparison reports and automation workflows for quick email marketing campaigns
  • Outcome-based templates


  • Allows users more emails to send out in its free plan than the average email marketing platform; you can send 2000 emails with unlimited contacts.
  • Keepa log of your customer interactions across multiple channels so you can keep. tabs on your most lucrative and underscoring marketing channels.
  • Lead-capture forms to help you grow your list.


  • Expensive for small business.
  • Rigid contracts.


Starter: $45/month

Professional: $800/month

Enterprise: $3,200/month

5. AWeber.

Best for individuals, creatives, small and large businesses.

When it comes to the best Mailchimp alternatives, AWeber can be a force to reckon with. It offers great opportunities for accelerated business growth and scalable sales funnels.

Its wide assortment of features includes automated newsletter campaigns, trendy email templates, high-end list management, segmentation, A/B testing, intuitive autoresponders, and other automated features for smart omnichannel marketing.

Although it comes with an easy design and user-friendly functionality, it’s still one of the most sophisticated email marketing platforms in the industry.

AWeber: mailchimp alternative


  • Contains a library of over 700 trendy email templates and a stock photo library
  • Automated features, email builder, list segmentation, and greater personalization
  • Additional features such as behavioral targeting, email analytics, automation workflows, CMS integration with WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Magento, Divi, and Ghost, as well as customer support via phone


  • Reliable analytics reporting around clickthrough rates, openings, conversions, etc.
  • More affordable


  • Only offers online customer support
  • The free plan allows a limited number of email subscribers

Pricing: AWeber offers a free email plan and a premium plan that starts at $19.

6. Constant Contact.

Best for nonprofits and small businesses.

Another strong Mailchimp competitor, Constant Contact provides its users with a wide collection of email marketing tools to perform multiple operations. You can generate professional-looking newsletter campaigns, maximize your email deliverability, track performance, manage your lists and accelerate your clickthrough rates. There are also other features that make it a decent Mailchimp alternative.

Constant Contact email marketing platform


  • Offers email analytics, A/B testing to keep tabs on the performance of your subject lines, and smart reporting
  • Automated email features to send out welcome messages, perform behavioral targeting and resend emails to subscribers who fail to open them the first time.
  • Constant Contact comes with an in-built suite of integrated solutions for eCommerce
  • Sign up forms, survey pages, and polls to help you track and convert leads


  • Variety of customer support channels including online, live, phone, email, library resource as well as a Constant Contact community.
  • Previous Mailchimp users will find the transition to Constant Contact seamless since the latter works with popular WordPress Plugins such as WPForms and OptinMonster.


You can start your free month trial by opening an account (also free) with Constant Contact and then upgrade to their premium plans that range from $20 to $45.

7. MailerLite.

Best for startups and small businesses.

MailerLite is another great Mailchimp alternative on the list. Its robust functionality and variety of features allow businesses to operate cross-channel marketing with great ease.

The software comes with an abundant suite of landing pages, email templates targeted for different goals, pop-ups ads, and signup forms to secure warm and cold leads. There are other customization options to go with its tools.

MailerLite email marketing platform


  • Provides users with the options of line segmentation and personalization features (links, titles, call-to-action, etc.)
  • Automated polls as well as marketing automation workflows
  • Provides email analytics and an inbuilt reporting system to keep tabs on your most lucrative marketing channels and performance, offers A/B testing


  • Offers great design flexibility
  • Automatically Integrates with popular WordPress page builders such as Thrive Architect, Elemnetor, and others


  • Text formatting can be difficult; template adjustment sometimes causes glitches
  • A slightly longer onboarding process

Pricing: You can open a free account or subscribe to a paid plan set at $50/ month for unlimited emails.

8. ConvertKit.

Best for bloggers, writers, and creative professionals.

As a robust Mailchimp competitor, they smartly marketed themselves as bringing the best of Infusionsoft’s powerful promotions and Mailchimp ease of use.

It has now become one of the most sought-after email marketing platforms for its feature-rich suite and advanced automation.

ConvertKit email marketing platform


  • Customizable email builder with easy drag-and-drop editor allowing targeted email based on user behavior.
  • With the segmentation feature, you can group your audience into segments with different tags.
  • Trendy landing page templates with a similar drag-and-drop feature for greater customization.
  • Integration with popular lead generation tools and CRM platforms and eCommerce stores such as Shopify and Woocommerce.


  • Quick and reliable marketing deliverability
  • User-friendly functionality


  • Slightly more expensive for starters
  • E-Commerce integrations are somewhat limited


You can create a free account or join its Creator or Creator Pro plans for $29 and $59/month

9. Omnisend.

Best for small and large businesses.

Omnnisend is your one-stop hub for multi-feature email marketing. Its sheer strength is the wide assortment of functionalities in exchange for reasonable pricing. You can also use the platform to send messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and more. Omnisend also allows you to send web push notifications.

But there is still more to this multi-channel software.

Omnisend: best mailchimp alternative


  • Its email builder feature provides users with trendy templates.
  • Provides transactional emails as well as marketing automation workflows
  • There is also a landing page builder along with editing options for segmentation and personalization.
  • Its pro plan offers additional features such as A/B testing and web push notification; it also allows users to integrate the software with their eCommerce plans for behavioral targeting.
  • Email analytics can help you keep tabs on your marketing progress.
  • Another additional feature of the pro plan is remarketing your audiences through ads on Google and Facebook


  • Its wide assortment of features makes it one of the best Mailchimp alternatives for businesses looking for cross channel marketing


  • Omnisend’s free plan offers quite limited features; there will be no e-Commerce integrations for behavioral targeting and you can only send 15,000 emails /month.


  • Free trial: Yes, 14 days.
  • There are four different pricing plans: free, standard, pro, and enterprise. Start the free trial now.
  • Features build up along with the prices as you jump from standard to pro to enterprise.
  • You’ll be charged up to $1.5 for every hundred messages on a pay-as-you-go model.

10. ActiveCampaign.

Best for medium and large businesses.

ActiveCampaign manages to make it on our list of the best Mailchimp alternatives on account of its feature-rich suit. Their marketing automation feature is one of the best in the industry and performs with accuracy and reliability. Here are some of its other features.

ActiveCampaign: mailchimp alternatives


  • Allows users to easily create email sequences or campaigns regardless of how complex they may be.
  • Businesses can also integrate their own set of parameters for greater ease and personalization. For example, you can set your mails to be sent on a particular day in the future, split messages, etc.
  • Email campaign automation
  • The software provides users with the option of behavioral marketing, performing A/B tests, and creating complicatedly timed automation in the near future


  • With each plan, you get to send an unlimited number of emails
  • Its email marketing services also includes robust customer relationship management
  • Ability to create personalized live messages and pop-ups for new subscribers who arrive on your website or landing pages.
  • Its list management, segmentation feature, and customer support are definitely more vigorous Mailchimp alternatives.


  • There is no free plan and individual freelancers must think twice before subscribing to the paid plans.
  • Its email template is not as smooth as Mailchimp’s.
  • Limited payment processor and eCommerce integrations.



Plus: $49/month

Professional: $129/month

Enterprise: $229/month

11. Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor: mailchimp alternatives

Best for eCommerce shops and businesses.

Since the service provider caters to both eCommerce shops as well as businesses, there are two separate email marketing platforms

Its eCommerce email marketing version, called CM Commerce, allows users integrations with popular eCommerce sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. The suite includes robust features such as automated templates, customer segmentation, and others. Here are some additional features offered for businesses.


  • List management, segmentation, and personalization
  • Automated email builder and trendy email templates
  • Smart analytics, A/B testing, split testing, and marketing automation workflows
  • SMS messaging for an additional price
  • Behavioral Marketing for the CM version as well as eCommerce integrations
  • Recommendations, product reviews, and UGC available for users of CM Commerce


  • You get almost all of the essential marketing features in Campaign Monitor’s basic plan.
  • Extensive email automation for up to 2500 emails in the basic plan alone
  • You can upgrade to the Unlimited plan for bonus features such as priority-based support, time zone optimization, and countdown.


  • Additional features such as phone support and advanced users permission is reserved for premium users only
  • A limited number of emails (10,000) and subscribers (1000) in the starter plan. However, it does include some of the most essential features for eCommerce such as product recommendations, cart abandonment checks, etc.
  • Does not offer a free plan


Basic: $9

Unlimited: $29

Premier: $149

12. Drip.

Best for eCommerce enterprises and large businesses.

Drip is another strong Mailchimp competitor when it comes to tweaking your email campaigns with automation tools. It is an omnichannel platform that allows businesses to reach customers via SMS messages and emails.

Drip email marketing platform


  • Users can manage and segment contacts based on behavior and interactions with the company’s website.
  • You can collect user data to store in the form of tags, events, and custom fields using Drip’s API script
  • Marketing automation workflows to help you access and target customers at the right time
  • Its personalization feature includes discount codes, product and price notifications, recommendations, etc. All of these are based on the client’s data that the platform stores.


  • Offers more eCommerce integrations than Mailchimp including WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce
  • Integrations are more robust and reliable than those offered by Mailchimp


  • Does not offer a free plan and pricing can quickly get expensive
  • Although a great automation platform, its reporting, and analytics are not as advanced as offered by some of the other solutions


You can start at $ 19/month but prices will increase with the increasing number of messages and contacts

13. Mailjet.

Best for individual freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses.

Yet another competitive Mailchimp alternative, Mailjet does more than just provide users with an email marketing solution. Mailjet boasts an API script that allows users to create transactional emails for their websites or mobile apps. You can send a variety of notifications, upgrade and milestone messages, invoice notices, and other interactive emails.

Mailjet: mailchimp alternatives


  • Contains an inbuilt system of email analytics, SMTP Replay, A/B testing
  • Offers customer online support
  • Extensive premium packages with role-based permissions, personalization, list segmentation, customized templates, automation workflows, etc.


  • Offers a free package, which although limited, is decent enough for starters and individual creatives; you can send 200 emails a day and around 6000 emails per month
  • The free package covers important marketing essentials such as an email editor, API, and important marketing analytics.
  • You can have an unlimited number of contacts; good for users who require a vast group of subscribers without having to mail them daily


  • Mailjet’s basic plan is a lot more restricted when compared with Mailchimp’s; there is no option for behavioral targeting; segmenting, etc.


You can sign up for a free account or upgrade to a paid plan.

Basic: $9.65


Enterprise: Customized quote

14. Automizy.

Automizy email marketing

Best for small and medium-sized businesses as well as marketing consultants.

Automizy is another powerful Mailchimp alternative that prides itself on its vigorous personalization features that result in increased clickthrough rates. But there are other functionalities that contribute to Automizy’s popularity.


  • User-friendly navigation and features for growing your subscribers’ list
  • Responsive email templates and trendy designs with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Automated email builder, list segmentation, targeted content based on user behavior
  • Email-based analytics to help marketers make more informed decisions


  • Its automation features are easily set up even by users without proper tech skills
  • Sound email support and quick delivery
  • Offers users inspiring route maps and marketing automation workflows to incorporate directly within their marketing strategies.
  • Decent CRM support features


  • The software shows glitches with scheduled campaigns
  • Signup forms do not offer much flexibility; sometimes features are reported as broken and not fixed until multiple complaints are registered


Automizy’s basic package starts at $9 and increases in pricing once you go past a thousand subscribers.

15. Benchmark.

Best for multilingual teams.

Benchmark is a popular email marketing tool that focuses its cross-cultural marketing features in at least 15 different countries. While their advanced features may lack the luster offered by some of the other marketing tools, the platform makes it on our list due to the decent suite of features offered in its free and basic plan.

Benchmark email marketing


  • Email builder, list builder, surveys, and polls for user engagement
  • Basic analytics
  • Pro tools allow users to manage lists, customize welcome messages to new subscribers, issue follow-up emails, sort out abandoned carts, etc.
  • Responsive emails optimized for mobile, desktop, tablets, laptops, etc.


  • More assistive for multilingual corporations and teams
  • Better email support


  • Benchmark’s advanced features, such as email analytics, reporting, and automation are not as sleek and accurate as some of the other email marketing solutions.
  • There are certain restrictions on basic features such as image data storage, which come without limit in other tools such as Mailchimp
  • Benchmark’s free plan only allows up to 250 emails/month


You can sign up with a free account or upgrade to one of the following paid plans.

Pro: $13/month

Enterprise: custom quote

16. SendPulse.

Best for multi-channel businesses.

Our last nominee is another omnichannel email marketing platform that has been giving Mailchimp a little run for its money. With Sendpulse, you can send push notifications, SMS, emails, and use chatbots.

SendPulse email marketing


  • Vigorous functionalities including, email analytics, email builders, A/B testing, automation workflows, etc.
  • List segmentation and personalization features
  • Push notifications, SMS, and Facebook Messages on additional payment
  • API scripts, eCommerce integrations with behavioral targeting


  • Its free plan, although limited offers a decent suite of marketing features, such as email builder templates, and basic segmentation
  • You can also use its push notification features for up to 10,000 subscribers and Facebook messenger for up to 10,000 messages /month.


  • Although SendPulse offers marketing across multiple platforms, there is no comprehensive package that includes all of these channels.
  • Free plans come with limited contacts and some other restrictions, such as no advanced segmentation or analytics.


You can sign up for a free account. Alternatively, you can subscribe to their main plan, or follow along with their pay-as-you-go model.

So, Which is the Best Mailchimp Alternative?

The answer for the best Mailchimp alternative really boils down to your marketing goals. If you’re a solopreneur just starting out, you might want to try out the forever free plans of SendinBlue, SendPulse, Mailjet, or MailerLite.

Drip and Campaign Monitor works wonders for businesses looking for integrations with popular eCommerce platforms and online stores like Shopify, and BigCommerce, etc. Or maybe you’re a creative, a blogger, or a professional writer in which case ConvertKit may be the way to go for your marketing efforts.

If you’re in an international team, try Benchmark. Also, if you’ve been a Mailchimp user, and want your transition to a different tool to be seamless, you should definitely go for Moosend or Constant Contact.

Another factor to bear in mind is your financial situation. Your choice to sign up with a marketing solution will be heavily influenced by their pricing options and your financial goals. Individuals just starting out can do well with a free account before investing big time, while medium and large businesses can approach the prices more boldly.

So, which of these Mailchimp alternatives do you see yourself using in the future? Feel free to drop your favorites in the comments below.

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