9 Software Tools Affiliate Managers Need to Grow the Program – Affiliate Summit 2020 presentation

software tools affiliate managers need

Another great experience speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2020

Last month, I had the honor to speak at Affiliate Summit West. Up to this point, most of my speaking opportunities allowed me to comfortably check my notes from my computer. Not this time! It was time for the big boy stage.

In my session, I highlight nine software tools I use on a daily basis to run affiliate programs. This presentation is a taste of what affiliate managers learn in Performance Marketing Manager.

Check out the presentation here:

I love speaking at conferences and enjoy spreading the good word about affiliate marketing. If you are looking for a speaker at your event to teach affiliate marketing best practices, please fill out the form here and we can schedule a time to discuss further.

Tools suggested in this presentation:

  • Similar Sites: http://perfmm.com/similar
  • Hunter.io: http://hunter.io/
  • Calendly: https://calendly.com/
  • IPVanish: https://IPVanish.com
  • Loom: http://perfmm.com/loom
  • Buzzstream: http://buzzstream.com/
  • TextExpander: http://perfmm.com/te
  • Brandverity: http://brandverity.com/
  • SEMRush: http://perfmm.com/sem

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